Top 5 Memorable Proposal Ideas For Gay Men

Top 5 Memorable Proposal Ideas For Gay Men

Same-sex couples often find freedom in proposing in different and unique ways—especially since a lot of traditions have been established by straight couples.

Whether it’s planning a double proposal or proposing without rings, LGBTQI+ proposals are opportunities to change traditional gender roles in many creative ways.

If you’re ready to propose to the man in your life but you don’t know where to start, this article is for you.

This article will help you:

🤵‍♂️ Find fun and memorable ways to propose to your partner.


🤵‍♂️ Know what to expect when you propose.


🤵‍♂️ Get helpful tips for planning the perfect proposal.

How Do You Know Who Pops the Question?


Straight couples may feel bound by tradition—the man is typically the one to propose to the woman by getting down on one knee and pulling out a wedding ring.

Gay couples don’t face these expectations which means either person can pop the question.

It’s a good idea to talk to your partner about who wants to ask the big question first. This way, you’ll both know what the other’s expectations are.

Even if you can’t decide who should ask, you may wish to plan a double proposal. We’ll take a look at what that is below.

👨‍❤️‍👨 Plan a double proposal

Both people in same-sex relationships often want to propose to the other.

Instead, you have the option of planning a double proposal where both partners pop the question.

You can either do this at the same time or on different days. Let’s take a look at two heartwarming examples.

Dermot and Cathal’s Christmas surprise


🎄 This couple, Dermot and Cathal, planned separate proposals on Christmas Day without knowing the other one was going to ask as well.

🎄 When the big day came around, Cathal was the first to ask, much to Dermot’s surprise. When Dermot looked disappointed, Cathal was worried that he did the wrong thing.

🎄 However, Dermot just wanted to ask first and had planned to do so that evening! The couple ended up exchanging the rings that Dermot bought with two happy yesses..

Although some confusion can arise during a double proposal, it’s still a fun and sweet way to ask your partner to marry you.

It also ensures that neither of you feels left out or pressured to decide who pops the question. Doing it together can make the entire process less nerve-racking!

Jeremy and David’s hiking adventure


⛰️ This is another heartwarming example of a couple, Jeremy and David, who decided on a double proposal.

⛰️ On their regular Monday-night date, David planned a hike that ended at a beautiful viewpoint. He also arranged for a photographer to secretly capture their special moment.

⛰️ Once they completed their hike, David pulled out a handwritten letter. Then, with two rings in hand, he asked Jeremy to marry him. He said yes!

⛰️ Then Jeremy surprised David by also going down on one knee and proposing to him with the second ring!

Do You Need to Buy a Ring?


Whether you are planning a surprise or double proposal, having a ring is entirely up to you.

💍 Some couples choose to go ring shopping together after the proposal.

💍 Others will choose a ring to propose with and then buy one for themselves later.

💍 You may even decide to signify your engagement with other pieces of jewelry, like watches, bracelets, or necklaces!

If you feel like the moment will be more significant with a ring, make sure to pick one that reflects your partner’s personal style and taste.

You can also add a fun twist to a traditional wedding band by choosing a unique inlay design or color.

Top 5 Proposal Ideas for Gay Men

🎄 Propose on a special holiday


Every holiday or special occasion is a perfect opportunity for a memorable proposal.

You can propose on Christmas or their birthday by disguising the rings as a gift to your partner. Once they open it, go down on one knee and ask them to marry you!

🎁 Take a look at this couple’s Christmas proposal that turned into a gift hunt. Salih planned on popping the question to his boyfriend Liam while they were opening gifts.

🎁 First, Salih hid a note in an ornament and hung it on the tree—hiding it in plain sight!

🎁 Then he included a note in Liam’s first gift that told him where he could find the second one. 

🎁 Once Liam found the bauble and read the letter, Salih got down on one knee and asked for his hand in marriage.

Although Christmas is a magical time to propose, you don’t have to feel confined to that specific holiday. Unique days like Easter are also great for surprising your partner with a proposal.

This will also work if you have nieces or nephews that enjoy an Easter egg hunt. You can hide the ring and have your partner hunt for it under the guise of helping the kids.

Just keep an eye on him so that he doesn’t find the ring without you being ready to ask! 

This is also a nice way to include family and friends in a proposal.

🍴 Plan a restaurant proposal with a twist


If your partner doesn’t mind big public displays of affection, a unique restaurant proposal might be the perfect way to pop the question.

However, don’t hide the ring in the champagne glass or cake—it’s been done too many times!

Instead, take a look at how this person put a unique twist on their restaurant proposal.

They arranged with the restaurant to create a special menu that included a dish named “Will you marry me?”

When the couple sat down for dinner, they immediately noticed this unique name. By the time the person caught on, their partner was already on their knees and holding a ring.

Needless to say, they said “yes!”

🎶 Write a song or poem


If you’re musically gifted or good with words, why not put that to use in your proposal?

Consider writing a special poem or composing a song for your partner and including the big question in a verse or chorus.

You can include special moments in your relationship or things you love about your partner to make it more intimate.

Once you’ve finished, ask your partner if you can read or sing a new piece to them. Then surprise them by popping the question during the recital!

🎸Serenade your partner


If you don’t consider yourself a wordsmith but you are musically inclined, take some inspiration from this video.

Although Patrick didn’t write the song himself, the lyrics showed David how much he meant to him.

Patrick also made sure to include David’s family and friends to make the moment even more special.

Although Patrick doesn’t end his song with a marriage proposal, serenading your partner could easily be turned into one. After finishing the song, get down on one knee and pop the question!

📚 Create a coffee table book filled with special photos


If your partner is into photography, a specially-made coffee table book can be a fun way to ask them to marry you.

Curate a selection of their favorite photographs—either some they took themselves or others that they like—and have them made into a coffee table book.

Remember to include “Will you marry me?” somewhere in the book. You can even take your own picture where you hold up a sign with those words and include it in the book!

Have your partner go through the pictures when you give it to them and be ready to ask once they get to the right page!

Take a look at this couple for inspiration. Immy bound a special book filled with pictures of NYC water towers—something that Whitney was fond of.

At the end of the book, Immy included his own picture of the water tower near his office with a sign on it that read “Will you marry me?”

By the time Whitney got to that picture, Immy was ready to get down on one knee and pop the question!

🧩 Make your own crossword puzzle


Asking your partner to marry you through a crossword puzzle is a sweet and intimate way to pop the question—especially if it’s something you love doing together.

If you and your partner like doing crossword puzzles together, then create your own.

You can include “Will you marry me?” somewhere near the end of the clues and have your partner figure that one out on their own.

Although this can be tricky, there are a few useful websites that can help you do this flawlessly.

Once the crossword puzzle is complete, you’ll be ready to ask them to spend the rest of your lives together!

Helpful Tips for Planning the Perfect Proposal


In this section, we take a look at a few things you can do to make sure that your proposal runs smoothly.

💡 Think about what your partner would like


When planning a proposal, you’ll need to make sure that you do something your partner will enjoy.

If your partner shies away from big public events, for example, it’s probably best to plan a more intimate proposal.

Your proposal should also make your partner feel special and show them how much they mean to you.

💡 Check the weather if you’re planning an outdoor proposal


If you are planning to propose at an outdoor location, it’s important to check the weather beforehand.

Knowing what to expect from the elements will ensure that your proposal runs smoothly.

If the weather forecast is less than ideal, you can always postpone it to the next day—and your partner won’t be any wiser!

💡 Decide how you want to capture the big moment


Deciding how to capture your special moment can be difficult.

First, you need to decide who you want to ask. You can rely on friends or family or go with a professional photographer

Think about where you want to propose and what would make the most sense at the location. 

For example, if you’re planning on proposing after a hike, a photographer randomly showing up might give it away. Rather ask a few close friends to join you and record the moment!

💡 Have a plan for after the proposal


It’s always a good idea to have an activity planned for after they say yes. This way, you can keep the celebrations going and make the day even more memorable.

Here are our favorite ideas:

⛺If you propose on a hike, think about staying over at a cozy, mountain-side cabin or lodge.


🥘 If you plan on proposing at a restaurant, ask the chef beforehand if they would be willing to prepare a special dish for you and your partner.


🎉 If you propose on a holiday or birthday, pop some champagne with your family and friends before sitting down for a meal together.

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