The Most Unique Wedding Rings For Men

The Most Unique Wedding Rings For Men

When you're about to get married, one of the most important decisions you'll make is choosing your wedding band.

After all, you'll hopefully be wearing it every day for the rest of your life!

Choosing a wedding band isn't easy—there are so many exciting and unique options available!

You could play it safe with a simple and classic design, but before you do, check out these distinctive rings. You might find a wedding band that better reflects you or your fiancé’s unique personality.

Unique Wedding Rings That Go Beyond Silver and Gold

For decades, the standard men's wedding band has been a simple circlet of silver or gold.

While there's nothing wrong with simplicity, some men want more from their wedding bands.

Choosing a ring made of nontraditional material is one of the best ways to create a wedding band that’s as unique as you are. We will take a closer look at these in the next section.

Rings made from alternative materials are also becoming increasingly popular for both their style and low cost.

Nontraditional bands allow you to experiment with style and design, while ensuring no one has the same ring as you.

You don’t need to worry about the durability of alternative materials—they are suitable to wear for a lifetime.

The 10 Truly Unique Wedding Band Materials for Every Style

Now that you know a bit more about unique wedding bands, let’s look at some of the materials that these rings are made from.

Tungsten Bands

Tungsten is a rare, naturally occurring metal often called Tungsten Carbide.

Rings made from this are typically a combination of tungsten and carbon. This creates a deep gray color that can be polished, hammered, or carved to give it a unique design.

It can also be combined with other materials, like wood or abalone shells, to give it more color and personality.

Tungsten rings are more dense and extremely resistant to scratching making them a great option for the active guy in your life.

Ceramic Bands

When you think of ceramic materials, you are probably picturing fragile clay pots. This may not sound like a great material to make a wedding ring from!

But our high tech ceramic rings rings are made of a combination of carbon and titanium, and this makes for an extremely hard alloy.

This means these rings are far less likely to crack compared to rings made from other materials. Ceramic is also a lightweight, scratch-resistant material.

It’s a good option for people with sensitive skin since ceramic is a nonirritating material.

Ceramic rings often comprise other materials, too. These are used to create a unique inlay pattern or design.

Titanium Bands

If you're looking for a sturdy wedding band that provides a one-of-a-kind look, a titanium wedding ring may be the best bet.

Titanium is one of the strongest metals around, so it's guaranteed to withstand any activity.

This material is lightweight and naturally tarnish resistant so it tends to keep it’s luster long after the wedding day.

Bands made of titanium are available in matte gray and black, as well as traditional silver.

Titanium rings are also highly customizable, giving you the opportunity to bring your own style to your wedding band.

These rings allow you to engrave your own design onto the surface or use an inlay pattern made from another material.

Cobalt, turquoise, and wood are among popular pairings for titanium bands.

Turquoise Bands

Turquoise is a natural gemstone that comes in a range of blue and green shades. Wedding bands made from this material are known for their vibrant colors.

While the entire band isn’t normally made with turquoise, the bright blue stone can add flair to any plain wedding band.

It can be used to create intricate designs or inlay patterns on a ring made from another material.

Turquoise gemstones are also believed to bring luck and improve understanding in relationships. In some societies, these gemstones are worth more than gold!

Black Bands

Black wedding bands are often made of obsidian, black tungsten carbide, or black onyx quartz.

These bands have roots that date back to ancient Greece and Rome when powerful men wore them to symbolize courage, strength, and loyalty.

This makes black wedding bands elegant and slightly edgy.

Black wedding bands are timeless, so you won’t have to worry about your ring going out of style.

Because of its simplicity, black wedding bands can be customized in a number of different ways unique to you.

Some designs include gold inlay patterns for a classic look, while others are made with precious stones or materials like wood and turquoise.

Black wedding bands are popular with men who work with materials that might stain a lighter wedding band.

Deer Antler

Wedding bands made from deer antler are often split into two categories:

  • The entire ring is made from antler.
  • The antler is only used to create a design or inlay pattern.

Rings made entirely from deer antlers are a bit more susceptible to damage and require a lot of care to keep them looking good.

However, when deer antler is added to the design of a ring, it draws strength from the material it’s combined with. This creates a hard, durable material.

This material also comes in different colors, depending on the type of antler. The wide variety of colors makes it easier to design a unique wedding band.

When you choose a deer antler wedding band, it can signify your connection to the outdoors. Those who enjoy hunting or spending time in nature may appreciate a deer antler ring.

Dinosaur Bands

These wedding bands are made using inlays of the fossilized and crushed bones of dinosaurs. The material is set into a wedding ring and sealed with resin to add hardness and shine.

Wedding bands made from dinosaur bones are combined with durable materials like tungsten or titanium to extend their wear-ability.

Dinosaur bone rings are a great option for people with sensitive skin, since they can be set into hypoallergenic and nonirritating materials.

Because dinosaur bones fossilize differently depending on environmental factors, no two dinosaur bone rings will ever be identical.

This ensures that your wedding band’s design will be one-of-a-kind and special to you.

Its unique designs and color patterns allow your ring to stand out from the rest, while also giving you a cool story to tell.

Wooden Bands

If you really want an out-of-the-box wedding band, you could opt for a wedding ring that isn’t made purely from metal.

Wedding bands with a wood inlay can provide an earthy, rugged look for the outdoorsman who wants his wedding band to reflect his love of nature.

Wood also symbolizes continuous growth and strength which has roots in marriage. Not only that, but rings made from wood are durable and, with the right care, can last longer than some entirely metal options.

Another good thing about wooden wedding bands is that they are naturally hypoallergenic and light to wear, making them a great option for people with certain metal sensitivities.

Wooden wedding bands can be combined with other metals, like tungsten and titanium, to create a sleek and stylish look that is bound to turn heads.

Silicone Bands

Another nonmetal option is a wedding band made of silicone. This material is increasingly popular with men who work tough jobs with their hands or compete in sports.

These rings are made from soft and flexible materials that can suit any lifestyle.

If you choose a silicone band, you're really bucking tradition since these bands can be any color of the rainbow and can be produced in any design you can think of.

Silicone rings are also very comfortable since they can expand and contract with your fingers. They also won’t slip off, even when you’re in water or working with your hands.

These rings are often chosen alongside another wedding band to act as a secondary ring.

At Alpine Rings, we give a free silicone ring with every metal ring purchase just for this reason.

Create a Truly Unique Wedding Band by Adding a Bit of Texture

If you want to make sure that your wedding ring catches everyone's eye, choose one with flair.

Some men opt for rings that incorporate materials, like wood or stone, others choose rings with a unique texture or feel. Engraving intricate patterns on a wedding band is another great way to create a striking design with texture.

Inlay Designs

Rings with inlaid materials like wood or stone make a bold statement.

These rings can be made of traditional metals such as gold or silver, to which additional materials are added. The result is an edgy, rugged look that never fails to impress.

Hammered Wedding Bands

Men who are looking to stay traditional but still want something a bit different often choose a hammered wedding band.

These cool wedding bands are typically made from tungsten carbide or sometimes even solid gold. But truth be told, virtually any metal can make a stunning band.

That’s because the hammered look comes from a finishing process that works on pretty much any metallic material.

The texture is subtle, so it's not as bold as other nontraditional styles, but it's just different enough to make an impression.

Add an Engraving

Those who want a true one-of-a-kind ring often choose to engrave their wedding bands with interesting designs or patterns.

A popular choice, especially for those of Irish heritage, is to get a Celtic design etched into the wedding band.

Others choose a more abstract pattern or even design their own pattern for their ring.

Whatever you choose, getting an engraved ring guarantees that your wedding band is as individual as you are.

Re-write to talk more about wood inlay options and less about entirely wood rings

Unique Celebrity Men's Wedding Bands for Inspiration

If you're looking for some inspiration, look to the stars - the Hollywood kind, of course. 

You might think that diamonds are just for the ladies, but when it comes to wedding bands, diamonds aren't just a girl's best friend. Footballer David Beckham has been seen sporting a few different wedding bands over the years, but on his wedding day, he wore a thick platinum ring, covered in square cut diamonds.

Rapper/actor Ludacris also opted for a diamond encrusted band to represent his nuptials. His thick, white gold, a diamond-covered band is the absolute definition of bling. 

Hollywood golden boy Ryan Reynolds's gold wedding bands are also a one of a kind choice. He sports two gold bands, a simple thin band right next to a thick gold band which has some interesting detail work. Some speculate that his two ring look is a nod to the way women wear both their engagement and wedding bands. 

If Hollywood style isn't quite your thing, maybe Obama's unique wedding band is more your pace. His gold band is covered with intricate carvings that make this ring truly one of a kind, especially since it was made in the Indonesian town he lived in when he was young. 

Choosing the Unique Wedding Ring That's Right for You

For many men, choosing a piece of jewelry that they're going to wear for the rest of their lives is intimidating, especially if they're not the type to wear jewelry in the first place. Choosing a wedding band that you'll be happy to see on your finger every day and show off to everyone you know is essential, but how do you choose?

The best advice we can give is to look at a lot of different rings. That way you have a good idea of all the options, and from there you can choose one that truly fits your personality and style. 

For more inspiration, check out some of the truly unique wedding rings for men that we offer.