About Alpine Rings

We're on a mission to inspire men forward into the great adventure of marriage.

Alpine Rings is an online retailer of affordable wedding bands for adventurous men. Our wide selection of rings features unique materials and designs that reflect the personal styles and passions of the men that wear them.

At Alpine, we view marriage as the adventure of a lifetime that doesn’t start or end with the purchase of a ring. To show our commitment to supporting men through this journey, we offer a lifetime warranty, forgiving return and exchange policies, and an easily accessible human support team.

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Our Values


Marriage is often equated with settling down and ending the sense of exploration that makes life exciting and dynamic. On the contrary, Alpine Rings inspires men to view marriage and family as life’s greatest adventure. We look to cultivate an attitude of faith, courage, and curiosity that approaches life’s challenges as exciting opportunities to learn and grow.


Alpine Rings calls our community into commitment — not just to your spouse but to the best version of yourself. Valuing commitment means consistently working toward a vision on both good and bad days. That said, being committed doesn’t mean being perfect. It means accepting imperfections, forgiving failures, and being willing to try again when things go wrong. We show our commitment to our customers through our forgiving warranty and return policies. When we make mistakes (everyone does) we take responsibility for and work to make things right.


Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship, but real trust requires courageous vulnerability and honesty. We lead with rigorous honesty toward our customers, inspiring trusted transactions but also a trustworthy community. We seek to empower our customers toward open, honest communication that builds strong families.


The men who wear our rings are driven by a deep excitement and curiosity toward their work and relationships. Just as they pursue life with vigor and intensity, we as a company continually renew our desire to become the best ring brand in the industry. We enjoy a reciprocal inspiration with our customers, aiding each other as we stoke the fire of our life’s passions, including our marriages.


The idea of “rugged masculinity” may conjure certain classic characters: a cowboy, an athlete, a warrior. Our idea of ruggedness is a more internal quality of being able to endure faithfully in the face of adversity. Just as our products exemplify this idea through our tough materials like titanium and tungsten, we as a company look to stick by our customers and help out how we can even when the going gets tough.

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