Ring Sizing

Find Your Perfect Ring Size

At Alpine Rings, we want you to feel confident that you're ordering a wedding band that fits like a glove (well not like a glove - it's a ring but you get it). That's why we offer two FREE options to simplify your sizing process.

Alpine Rings Free Ring Size Board

1. Request a FREE Ring Sizer.

Same Day Shipping when you select "I'm not sure" as your size option for any ring on our site.

If you'd prefer a physical sizer, find the product page for your favorite ring and select "I'm Not Sure" as your size option. Take your best guess at your size, then add to ring to your bag.

We'll ship you a physical ring size board along with your guessed size the same business day. If the ring size you guessed doesn't fit, just follow the included instructions on how to use the size board to find your perfect fit. Once you've determined your accurate size, just initiate a quick, easy, and FREE exchange here to swap out your guessed size for the right one.

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Alpine Rings Printable Ring Sizer

2. Use Our Printable Size Guide

Print at home, then follow the instructions to measure your finger.

If you have access to a printer, this is our quickest and easiest option to find your size. Just click the image above or button below to Note: Print at 100% scale for accurate results.

Print Your Size Guide