Titanium Wedding Bands For Men

Titanium stands the test of time, keeping its sleek and stalwart appearance until long after most of your possessions have turned to dust. It's one of the strongest metals found in the natural world, and we use it to bolster our bands, lending its support to striking materials you wouldn't normally find on a ring. Check out our titanium wedding bands for men.

Rings made with titanium are a solid, practical choice because they don't need a whole lot of attention. They resist common sources of corrosion, so unlike silver or gold bands, you don't have to take them off just to shower. You can even swim in the ocean without tarnishing the luster of titanium, and you'll rarely feel the need to clean or polish them. No muss, no fuss.

For some guys, titanium's unique properties make it an essential accessory. If your skin reacts to some other metals you won't have to worry about that problem here, as titanium is hypoallergenic (or bio-compatible, technically) and recommended for sensitive skin. It's also extremely lightweight compared to other materials used in jewelry making, boasting the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal, so if you don't like the bulky feel of rings this is probably your best bet.

We take our time with every ring we make, utilizing the strengths of remarkable materials and turning them into stunning bands. Every piece we create is distinctive, and our small batch process, along with the materials we choose, gives them a timeless character that men of merit can appreciate.

The red-orange warmth and bold, intricate grain of real African padauk wood is one of our favorite materials to work with, and zebra wood doubles down on those qualities for those who want something that really pops. Chestnut and mahogany exude a robust and deep stature, while oak has an authentic, rustic feel which contrasts favorably with smooth, polished titanium. Koa wood has a long history in Hawaii, dating back to its roots in Polynesian warrior culture as a revered component of weapons. Fine materials like these turn traditional ring designs into unique statement pieces.

Wood isn't the only game in town, though, and if you're looking for big game our rings featuring deer antler might be what you're hunting for. Bucks shed their antlers when the rut is over, and each piece we use in our rings surely has a story to tell. Turquoise, associated with wisdom and serenity, adorned the battle garb of Aztec warriors who believed it brought protection. Some say it's got metaphysical healing powers, and hey, more power to you if you're into that sort of thing; We just think it looks really nice.

When any of these materials are paired with titanium, the effect is a juxtaposition between enduring, traditional beauty, and a modern design aesthetic. Titanium doesn't overwhelm the other materials we use, it just does its job and lets their natural beauty shine through.

Whether you want to break from tradition, or just show the world your great taste in jewelry, we've got rings that will never let you down. Handcrafted for men who want to stand out from the crowd, we know you'll appreciate our bands for a long time to come.