Are Wood Wedding Rings Durable?

Are Wood Wedding Rings Durable?

Wood wedding rings offer a unique alternative to the traditional metal bands commonly used. They come in many styles, from bold and brazen to sleek and sophisticated. One concern that many men have before purchasing a wood accent ring or wedding ring is how durable they are. Many factors go into creating wood rings that are as durable as they are stunning to look at.

How are Wood Rings Made

Wood ring makers have several techniques they use when they're creating these jewelry pieces. The rings may be carved out of wood or steamed until the material is flexible enough to form into that shape.

After the jewelry maker finishes with the ring design, the wood is finished and sealed to protect it from the elements. The coating adds a level of water resistance to the piece that's enough to handle common conditions that it's exposed to.

What Characteristics Make Wood Rings Durable

One way that ring makers help the wood stay strong is by using a strong surrounding metal. Tungsten carbide is a popular choice, as its appearance works well with many types of woods and it's an incredibly durable material. Ceramic and titanium are also excellent choices. All three of these options are substantially stronger than gold or silver, which are relatively soft metals.

What Types of Wood are Used

The best types of wood for ring making are those that have excellent colors and patterns, and are durable enough to be an everyday accessory. Hawaiian Koa, sandalwood, ebony and mahogany are particularly wonderful woods for jewelry making. They work well with many types of styles so you can find the one to match your wardrobe and taste.

How to Increase the Durability of Your Wood Rings

The ring maker uses many measures to present you with the most durable wood wedding ring possible, but you can take a few extra steps to keep the band looking like new for years to come.

Avoiding sustained contact with water is one of the most critical factors in keeping it intact. Remember to take it off prior to jumping in the shower, taking a bath, washing dishes, or going swimming. You may want to consider getting a second band to wear during these activities.

Take care not to expose the wood ring to caustic chemicals or abrasive material. If you do work with your hands that involves a lot of pressure or movements against hard material, take the ring off to keep the finish safe. Hair, skincare and cosmetic products that get on your hands may be a problem for your ring.

If chips, dents or other physical damage appears on the band, get it refinished. The sealant will protect the underlying wood from moisture and other damage so you can enjoy your ring for a lifetime.

The Benefits of Wood Rings

Wood has one-of-a-kind patterns that come straight from nature. If you love the outdoors and enjoy bold masculine jewelry styles, this material is the perfect choice. It also has a warmer appearance than many metals. Talented jewelry designers work with the natural grain to enhance the look further.

Another advantage to wood wedding rings is the price. You're paying a lot less for wood, even if it does incorporate metal into the design. Gold is quite expensive and far too soft for many people's preferences.

Do you struggle with metal allergies? You don't have to subject yourself to a wedding ring that makes you uncomfortable. Wood is hypoallergenic.

The environmental friendliness of wood also plays a factor into why this jewelry is great. You can feel good about choosing wood that's sustainable and reflects your commitment to improving the world.

Does your career path have you working with electricity or high temperatures? Metal can be a hazard in that line of work. A wood wedding ring with ceramic helps you lower your risk factor without taking off your ring entirely.

Many people go the traditional route with their wedding rings, so when they see your wood ring it will start up a conversation right away. You have a hand-carved and unusual piece that will get a lot of attention for years after the wedding.

Choosing Wood Rings

Unlike metal rings, it's difficult to resize wooden rings without completely replacing it. Take the time to get a professional ring fitting to confirm your size before you place an order.

Look at the different wood types under many lighting conditions to see whether you like the appearance as you move between locations. Something that looks great outside may not suit your preferences when you have it under a standard light bulb.

Once you know the wood that you like, it's time to go through the same selection process with the metal or ceramic. You're going to be looking at this wedding band for the rest of your life, so getting the right one is essential.

Wood rings for men have many things going for them: they're inexpensive, have unique designs and won't set off your allergies. You don't have to worry about the durability becoming a concern as long as you take a few extra steps with your jewelry care routine. It's time to choose your wood wedding ring!