Why Men Are Saying I Do to Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten Wedding Bands

Do you want an indestructible ring? Would you be surprised if your best option for a wedding band is made out of the same materials as armor-piercing ammunition

That might seem like a bit much. So get this: tungsten wedding bands are some of the most popular options out there for men. At the end of the day, they're strong enough to last through an entire marriage. 

Is this your first time buying a wedding band? Are you ready to learn about your ideal options? If so, keep reading to learn what makes this ring worth the purchase. 

What is Tungsten?

Tungsten is a tough gray metal element with a low thermal expansion rate and excellent tensile strength. Tungsten hardness is partially due to strong acting covalent bonds. These bonds can work together with steels and other metals to form our worlds sturdiest materials. 

Tungsten has the highest melting point out there. That's what makes is a major option for light bulb manufacturers and steel workers. In fact, the filaments inside of common light bulbs are made out of tungsten. 

It can cast iron, found cement, and improves liquid crystal displays. However, tungsten by itself isn't always enough. Which is why a major application of this chemical element is for tungsten carbide. 

Tungsten Carbide 

Tungsten carbide requires a fair share of tungsten and carbon to form. Through sintering, a practice for shaping tungsten carbide patterns, you can make anything from machinery to jewelry. 

This chemical compound is twice as dense and stiff as steel. The lasting structure has an exceptionally high melting point and bending resistance. But, why?

Density measure how compact a material is. The denser a material, the stronger the object. Strength tells us how well a source is at resisting external forces. So in this case, tungsten carbide is a highly resistant and super strong material. 

Carbide Explained and Design

Carbide is a combination of carbon atoms and electronegative elements. In fact, it works best with elements that include covalent bonds. This is why carbide aligns with tungsten so well. 

The MC Structure is naturally hexagonal. This makes it possible to create unique shapes with tungsten carbide that you could not with other compound elements. 

It's not actually possible to forge tungsten carbide. The compound material is simply too dense. Instead, these bands are often laser cut

By laser cutting jewelry, ring makers have the option to create specific designs and patterns. The underlying hexagonal structure of tungsten allows for one to make polygonal features. 

For some context, if you aren't convinced by tungsten rings durability, then think about the metals out there that can be forged. You can forge metals like cobalt, steel, and most alloys with no problem. 

However, as mentioned above, the density of tungsten carbide far outweighs steel. Therefore, if you want a ring that will never bend or break, this is the way to go. 

What Makes Tungsten Wedding Bands Great?

Tungsten wedding bands are unscratchable and durable until the end. Tungsten rings durability give you the option to wear your ring in all kinds of weather, and during your work, no matter what you do. 

Unlike other band materials like gold and soft precious metals, tungsten does not bend or break. The internal structure of the band can withstand high temperatures and even more abrasive forces. 

If that's not enough, the final finish for a tungsten wedding band with wood inlay never goes away. Other rings, like silver and gold, tend to lose their finish over time. 

Moreover, the sheer density of tungsten carbide makes for a heavy and suitable ring. If you're worried that you'll drop or forget about your wedding band, tungsten carbide is heavy and reminds you it's on your finger. 

A Good Looking Band

A polished tungsten carbide wedding band comes in many different sizes and is both smooth and evenly reflective. Then you have brushed carbide bands with beautiful blue and gold color accents. The point? 

With tungsten carbide, you get plenty of options for beautiful bands without losing any durability. Since tungsten is malleable and easy to work with, ring makers have the ability to put out inventive and stylized wedding band options. 

When you buy a wood inlay wedding band, you don't lose any strength. In some cases, with other rings, you risk damage over time due to an inlay style. Not with tungsten carbide. 

Tungsten holds its shape quite well. When ring makers have a design in mind, they generate stellar rings that have consistent patterns throughout. That said, if you want a personalized ring, tungsten carbide is the way to go. 

How to Make Your Wedding Band Rock

At the end of the day, tungsten wedding bands get the job done. They are made out of one of the worlds strongest materials and look great year round. If you questioned what purchase was right for you before, you can stop your search today. 

After reading through this post, you've learned about the underlying aspects of tungsten that make it a special material. You also gained a better understanding of why tungsten makes an ideal wedding band. So, what's next? 

It's your turn to say I do. You don't have to wait for the right ring option any longer and postpone your future with the one you love. Now that you know what to look for, why not try on a perfectly fitting wedding band?

Start your search today. Our tungsten rings for men will last a lifetime.