What type of Wood is the Best Accent for Rings?

What type of Wood is the Best Accent for Rings?

In an age in which everyone seems to be copying and pasting the details of their lives from others, being original and unique is an arduous task. Indeed, in the age of the internet and social media, finding ways to stand out is as difficult as it is highly revered. The world of jewelry and accessories is certainly no exception. For the longest time, people have repeatedly purchased the same types of rings over and over. Fortunately for all of the guys searching for them, wood inlay rings are here to change the game. Now you don't have only a type of metal and stone to choose from, you can include wooden accents to make your ring unique and take its appearance to the next level. Are you shopping for a wood wedding ring or just a ring in general, but don't know where to start? The following is an overview of the top types of wood that are the best accent for rings of all kinds.

Hawaiian Koa

A type of wood that typically has a reddish-brown or medium gold appearance, Hawaiian Koa is ideal as a ring accent for many reasons. Widely considered one of the most beautiful types of wood from the Hawaiian islands, Koa is often compared to other more well-known gorgeous woods, such as Mahogany. With its deep rich tones and interesting grain patterns, Hawaiian Koa is quickly becoming one of the top used woods for wood accent rings. Easy to work with, this wood can be fashioned any way you like. Moreover, although it is not an easy wood to find, the price of Hawaiian Koa is relatively reasonable when compared to other types of woods and materials. A lovely option for an engagement ring and other types of jewelry,


A straight-grained wood with a reddish-brown hue, Mahogany has long since been one of the go-to woods for projects and items of all kinds. However, this type of wood has many more benefits than its beautiful appearance. For instance, a highly workable material, Mahogany is known for being easily crafted into a variety of items. Furthermore, with a relatively high rot resistance, worrying about wood rot is not a common issue when dealing with Mahogany. Also, unlike many other types of wood, Mahogany does not have many issues with shrinkage or swelling. Therefore, this makes Mahogany one of the best woods to use when adding wood accents to your rings and other jewelry.


Known for its yellow hue and fine-grained appearance, Sandalwood is yet another of the top wood options for wood accent rings. Very sacred in cultures such as Buddhism and Hinduism, Sandalwood has spiritual implications given that it is believed to have ties to some ancient deities and is said to help bring those who possess it closer to the divine. Moreover, a highly durable wood, like your engagement or wedding ring, Sandalwood is able to stand the test of time. A lesser used type of wood than many other types of wood, Sandalwood is mostly used to create its beautifully fragrant oil and therefore, it is not often used to create things. Therefore, this beautiful wood is both rarely used and a unique choice for a wood accent ring.


A gorgeously grained wood with a super dark hue, Ebony has been one of the go-to woods for many projects for quite some time. A finely textured wood that can be incredibly smooth when polished, using Ebony is a great idea for those looking to spice up their jewelry collection. Commonly used to make everything from high-end instruments to chess sets and much more, Ebony also offers a variety of benefits. For instance, as a densely hardwood, Ebony is durable and known for being able to withstand everyday wear and tear with ease. Moreover, as mentioned, the texture of Ebony wood makes it capable of presenting a superior polished finish. This trait alone makes it one of the most highly sought after types of wood for those who favor the interesting and high-end alike.

On the whole, when it comes to designing your next engagement ring, make sure you don't miss the forest for the trees. Although you may not be especially interested in learning about the various types of wood, doing so can open you up to an array of possibilities as far as designing your next ring is concerned. Either way, just as with all other materials, there are care instructions that must be followed in order to protect the quality of the ring over time. For instance, although they are incredibly well built, no wooden ring should be exposed to water for prolonged periods of time. This means they must be taken off for activities such as swimming, showering, washing the dishes, etc. Either way, alpinerings.com has everything you need. Proudly offering a wide variety of custom rings as well as exclusive collections, Alpine creates rings that stand out and also hold special value to its customers. If you are in the market for a wood accent ring, contact Alpine today to discuss how you can collaborate to create fairy tale wooden ring fit for a king or queen.