Tungsten Vs Titanium: Everything you need to know

Tungsten Vs Titanium: Everything you need to know

At Alpine Rings, we often help people looking for wedding bands choose between the many different styles. Surprisingly, the most difficult decision is often knowing which wedding ring material is best for them. We usually lay out the key differences in tungsten vs. titanium, and let them choose which works better for their particular lifestyle.

What's the Difference in Tungsten and Titanium?

Tungsten (which is sometimes called tungsten carbide), and titanium are both very valuable, beautiful choices. These two types of metals are the most commonly used in modern men's wedding rings. So common in fact that some people may interchange them when comparing their options- but that's a mistake. Both are very different materials.

Which one is right for you? In order to understand the differences between these two materials, we will go over some key points below. We'll help you compare each of your options not just in the metals themselves, but also in the design and feel of each.

What Are They Made Out Of?

Tungsten carbide is a metal that's made from a compound. That compound includes the rare metal called tungsten as well as carbon atoms. Titanium, which is slightly alloyed with other elements, it made up of vanadium and aluminum. The grade of the titanium matters. Only some grades will include a high level of vanadium in them. If you are looking for high quality titanium wood rings, we have you covered. 

Which One is Stronger?

Both tungsten and titanium are hard, durable metals. This is much different than gold or silver, for example. They are strong wedding bands and usually are selected because they are less likely to suffer damage even when they encounter hard work and damaging surfaces. In short, these wedding bands are made to handle adverse conditions and rough work.

If you want the most durable option, though, consider tungsten. Both are very similar, but tungsten is a bit stronger, providing a more durable design. It is often considered one of the most durable metals for any type of jewelry.

Which One Is Lighter Weight?

Some people don't appreciate the feel of a heavy ring. If this applies to you, the good news is that you don't have to sacrifice weight for quality. Titanium, for example, is a very lightweight material. Titanium wedding bands almost feel more fragile (but as noted, there's nothing fragile about them). For those who do not like to wear a lot of jewelry, titanium can be a good choice.

Tungsten, however, is very different. The name "tungsten" actually comes from a Swedish phrase meaning "heavy stone." Tungsten is a dense metal, which makes it much heavier than titanium. If you like the feel of a ring and want to be reminded it is there, tungsten is the better option for you. Many Alpine Rings customers report that their tungsten wood wedding bands feel higher quality compared to Titanium. But this is simply a personal preference as both are extremely high quality and durable- just very different in weight.

Which One Is Scratch Resistant?

One of the most important qualities to look for when buying a ring like this is how long it can look good. Scratches are a common problem with precious metals like gold and silver. However, with these harder metals, they are less of a concern overall. Still, one is better.

When it comes to scratch resistance, tungsten tends to be the better choice. That is because it is a harder material overall. You are not likely to see any damage to the ring if you run it across a surface or even if you drop it. The only type of material that will damage it is a diamond. However, either option can be a very good one in this area.

Which One Will Crack?

For the sake of writing a comprehensive article on this subject, we must talk about all aspects of these metal types. It is important to know that under normal circumstances, a person will never be able to apply enough pressure to cause either of these wedding band types to crack or otherwise break apart. Both tungsten and titanium are very durable and it is not likely that you will crack either of them.

However, when extreme force is applied (like from an industrial hydraulic press!), it's more likely that tungsten will crack than titanium. Due to the chemical composition of tungsten, it will shatter before it bends. Some people consider this a safety feature and appreciate this trait as opposed to bending. However, If this is a concern for you, a titanium band might be a better choice. 

What Is the Finish and Shine of Each?

This is an area of concern for many people, especially those looking for men's wedding bands that do not offer a lot of shine. Silver and gold tend to become damaged and scuffed easily, as does platinum. Isn't it crazy that they have been so widely used for so long?! 

Titanium are hard rings, but they are also very likely to hold their shine and finish longer than other products even if you are running them through surfaces often. On the other hand, if you want a more flawless level of protection, consider tungsten. It is just that much more durable when it comes to shine and finishes.

Are They Hypoallergenic?

When it comes to tungsten vs. titanium wedding bands, both of them are different in this area. First off, titanium metal is considered naturally hypoallergenic. That means that people who have sensitive skin or allergies to other metals will do well with it.

Tungsten, however, is not considered hypoallergenic. If you have had issues with metal allergies in the past, you do not want to use tungsten unless you are confident it will not aggravate your skin. Tungsten sometimes includes cobalt and since some people have an allergy to cobalt, we advise anyone that normally has issues like this to pick titanium.

Titanium vs. Tungsten: Which Is the Better Price?

At Alpine Rings, we offer both titanium wedding bands and tungsten bands in a wide range of prices. We offer hassle free exchanges so it's super easy to swap one out if you order the wrong type. Since you are reading this article, though, you will have a really good idea which one you'll like better. 

The good news is that both of these metals are very competitively priced. You will find some rings that are quite affordable in either option. That is why it is so important for you to consider more than just price. You should look at the details of the actual ring before making a buying decision.

Also note that different manufacturers, grades, and styles will impact prices in both cases. You will notice, though, that our wedding bands are far more affordable than those that are made of platinum, silver, and gold.

Which One Is More Beautiful?

This is a decision only you, the buyer, can make. However, both tungsten and titanium wedding bands are beautifully made and, when you buy from a trusted manufacturer that offers quality craftsmanship, either option is going to be a beautiful choice. Both are quite modern options. They can both feature different colors and shines to them. And, they tend to be very customizable to meet any unique needs you have.

When it comes to choosing between titanium and tungsten, then it is best to see them up close. Place an order and wear it around for a few days. Alpine Rings is happy to help you with the selection process. Let us help you compare these rings to each other to determine which one is the best fit for your needs. If you are still not sure which one is the best, drop us a line and we'll be glad to help!