Everything You Need To Know About Wood Wedding Rings

Everything You Need To Know About Wood Wedding Rings

Have you ever imagined how life would be without wood? People have been crafting products from hardwood since the beginning of time, making wood a common, easily obtained, and versatile material. Wood wedding rings are not some new age fashion trend— they are a link to our roots. Our ancestors relied on wood to craft basic tools, weaponry, and yes, even jewelry!

The first wedding rings ever were made out of wood because it was all they had when they started crafting things. Early humans relied on wood for their survival. We, therefore, owe our very existence to the presence of wood.

Handcrafted wood wedding bands claim an exceptional style and natural beauty. They are not only the epitome of sustainable fashion- they exude a rustic elegance that any man would desire. As special and unique as raw wood is, it's beauty is drastically enhanced when combined with durable materials. Here at Alpine Rings, we use only the finest materials such as titanium, tungsten, and ceramic.

We make wooden rings out of unique materials that tell a story just by glancing at it. Our rings show that you are in touch with your wild side, and they are a perfect conversation starter. Keeping in mind that men's wedding bands are made to be worn daily, they must not only be pleasant on the eyes, but must also show the unique taste of the person that wears it.

Men's Wooden Wedding Rings

We make men's wedding rings differently. All of our wedding bands were designed with the help of customer feedback. When someone reaches out and asks for recommendations, we help them pick out what they want based on their personality and character. The mixture of rugged materials and solid metals provide a sleek feel and are a refreshing break from tradition. Wedding bands that feature wood exude a manly look that reflects their love of the outdoors. We even make wooden ring boxes for those who want to go the extra mile.  

The Durability of Wood Wedding Rings

Wood wedding rings come in many styles, from the bold and brazen to the sleek and sophisticated. Therefore, before purchasing their wedding bands, people like to ask us about their durability. However, creating durable jewelry with wood depends on various factors.

Characteristics of Making a Wood Ring Durable

The strength of wood can be enhanced using a stronger surrounding metal. What sets us apart are the superior materials we use. Our unique wood wedding bands are crafted from the toughest materials around. They offer a sturdy foundation to build upon, and are far superior to gold and silver in strength and durability. These wedding bands include;

The general advantages of using the above metals when crafting includes;

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Finishes that never fades
  • Unparalleled hardness

Why Use Titanium?

It is lighter, will not break, and will not bend like gold or silver.


  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Corrosion and tarnish resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Very hard to bend
  • Bad conductor of heat but conducts some electricity


  • Cannot be resized
  • Difficult to cut
  • Can show some scratches

Why use Tungsten?

It is affordable, scratch resistant, and has a weighted feel of solid gold. It is very attractive when combined with wood. But it's best quality is it's unmatched durability.


  • Scratch resistant
  • Strong and tough
  • Feels like platinum in weight because it is a heavier metal


  • Cannot be resized or cut
  • Sometimes contains a small amount of nickel, so ask before you purchase if you have an allergy

Why Use Ceramic?

It gives the wedding ring strength. It also provides a brand-new look to the ring for a longer period of time, despite being worn daily.


  • Affordable
  • Smooth
  • Scratch resistant
  • Strong


  • Difficult to resize
  • It is hard to cut
  • Can shatter if dropped from extreme heights

How are Wooden Wedding Rings Made?

The wood inlays may be carved directly out of wood or steamed to make the material flexible enough to form their round shape. After crafting the design, the wood is finished and sealed for protection from various external elements. The sealing process also provides a certain amount of water resistance. The best hardwoods are those that have excellent colors and unique patterns. The wood also needs to be strong and durable enough for daily abuse. Lastly, they should be able to work well with different types of styles to match both a formal or casual look.

The wedding bands that we craft are both practical and economical. They also look incredible. For each piece we design, we try to strike a balance with nature and the great outdoors. Our exotic woods include;

African Padauk Wood

  • Has a unique reddish-color
  • It is moderately heavy, stiff, and strong with outstanding stability
  • Its grain is straight and interlocks.
  • Superior natural luster, and unique texture.
  • It smells nice too when freshly cut.

Hawaiian Koa Wood

  • Can vary in color but mainly medium golden or reddish-brown.
  • Its grains are curly, wavy, and commonly interlock.
  • Superior rot resistance
  • Coarse texture

Zebra Wood

  • Zebra Wood Rings have a light brown/cream color with darker grains that vaguely resemble a zebra's stripes
  • Wavy and interlocked grains
  • Superior rot resistance
  • Coarse texture

Chestnut Wood

  • Darker wood that has a more vibrant tone that radiates a unique warmness
  • Subtle grains, which are best suited for more neutral bands.

Pear Wood

  • Pale pink color or light reddish-brown
  • Straight grain with finer texture that is uniform
  • Easy to work with

Black Apricot Wood

  • Fine wood grain pattern with moderate texture
  • Light brown or blackish
  • Natural luster

Oak Wood

  • Monochromatic appearance that features thick grains
  • Straight wood grain that is amazing when blended with smooth metal.

Teak Wood

  • Coarse with uneven texture and a moderate to low natural luster
  • It is golden or medium brown with a darkening color with age
  • Straight grain that is wavy or interlocked
  • Highest level of rot resistance
  • Oily wood surface
  • Easy to work with

How Do You Choose a Perfect Wedding Ring?

For couples interested in unique wooden rings that are eco-friendly, they should ask themselves whether the ring is made purely out of wood or combined with another metal using a wood inlay. Our men's rings make beautiful and unique wedding bands. However, sometimes men find it intimidating to choose a piece of jewelry that they are going to wear for the rest of their lives. This intimidation is even worse if they don't commonly wear jewelry. Wedding bands are intended to be worn every day and thus will be scrutinized by everyone you come in contact with. Hence, the decision can be quite nerve racking.

Try looking at several different types of wedding bands to get an idea of your options. Then you can choose what fits your skin tone, personality, and style. Look at them under different lighting conditions to make sure you are okay with the look. Also consider different metal tones; for instance- black or silver color tungsten. The best thing about wooden rings is that they are affordable, unique, and come in a wide variety of styles.

Caring for Your Wood Wedding Ring

There is always an excitement that comes with upgrading your wedding band, so of course you'll want to take good care of it. If you treat your rings well, they will look good for many years to come. To achieve this, there are some basic tips we recommend. These include;

  • Some waterproof rings can stand up to the occasional shower, or hand washing
  • It is important however to avoid standing moisture in any crevices
  • Avoid dirt build-up by cleaning your rings regularly
  • Ensure you store your ring in a safe location anytime you take it off your finger
  • Avoid rough metallic objects to protect against any unnecessary scratches
  • Avoid attempting to resize your wood ring, as they are impossible to resize effectively
  • When undertaking high impact activities take your band off to avoid losing it
  • Consider insuring your ring to protect your investment

Advantages of Wearing a Wooden Ring

Wooden jewelry has seen a resurgence with fashion enthusiasts, leading to an increase in usage.

Furthermore, the pricing on wood rings are lower compared to jewelry made of precious materials. Wooden plugs are used in natural wooden jewelry due to its safer choice of use such as in body piercing. Wood is the best organic body-piercing material and is preferred by most people over traditional jewelry. Advantages of using wooden jewelry include;

  • Hypoallergenic: wood does not irritate the skin. One key benefit of having a wooden wedding band is because they're non-irritating. Wooden accents are biocompatible thus they do not cause any form of irritation to the skin. Therefore, apart from avoiding allergies, they are gentle and comfortable to wear. A ring with a natural wood interior is the best choice for anyone with a metal allergy.
  • Affordable price: our men's rings come at an affordable price, without compromising the craftsmanship. Therefore, anyone on a budget may still get an amazing symbol of their love at an unbeatable price.
  • Aesthetic Value: wide range of unique styles and designs depending on which men's wedding band the groom prefers. It is even possible to have many different wood wedding rings, all with unique styles to match your ever changing wardrobe. This technique would make it easier to match your ring to a suit during the workweek, then a more casual design for the weekend. The possibilities are truly endless due to the wide variety of designs.
  • Long-lasting: Men's rings made of wood last longer compared to other wedding rings of different material. It is because it has a low reactivity making them last for a longer period. Also, natural unfinished rings can be rubbed with beeswax to further protect them from damage. Occasionally using this technique will certainly extend its life span.
  • They are lightweight: Men's titanium wedding bands are particularly lightweight compared to tungsten or gold. The wood we use is even lighter, making the total package light as a feather. This thoughtful combination results in a ring that you'll forget you're even wearing. That is, until people start asking you where you got it!
  • Eco- Friendly: our rings are made from reclaimed wood, hence they are truly eco-friendly. An ethically-sourced men's wedding band can only come from wood.
  • Matching sets and symbolism: the rings can be crafted in matching sets, with same color and designs. Each piece has a unique wooden accent but if you pick the same wood species, they can symbolize the love that you share with each other. 
  • Handmade Rings: Some wood ring jewelers only make a ring after they receive an order. If buying from one of these jewelers, you should ensure you have enough time for it to arrive prior to any special occasion (like a wedding!). However, when buying your ring from Alpine Rings, you won't have this problem because all of our rings are in-stock and ready to ship.

The Verdict

Men's wood wedding rings have a winning combination of natural elements and metals. The remarkable range of options create truly unique wedding rings. After the wood accents have been inlaid into the metal, jewelry epoxy is applied making the ring waterproof and durable. These wood rings are made using either tungsten carbide, titanium, or ceramic. Our most popular wooden rings are made with tungsten because of their unmatched durability and weight. This said, all of our wood rings blend perfectly to match any style- professional or casual.

People buy our wedding bands for a few different reasons. The most common, of course, is to symbolize their loving commitment to their partner. Other times, unmarried men wear them on a different finger simply as a fashion statement. Whatever your reason for shopping for a new wedding band, we are sure you'll love whichever style you pick.