The Most Unique Wedding Rings Of All Time

The Most Unique Wedding Rings Of All Time

When you're about to get married one of the most important and long-lasting decisions you'll need to make is what kind of wedding band you want. After all, you'll hopefully be wearing it every day for the rest of your life!

As a guy, you may assume that choosing a wedding band is easy. There are only so many options, right? Wrong. There are many interesting and unique options available!

Before you decide to go simple and classic, check out these unique wedding rings that prove your wedding band can be as unique as your personality and your love.

Unique Wedding Rings That Go Beyond Silver and Gold

For decades, the standard men's wedding band has been a simple circlet of silver or gold. While there's nothing wrong with simplicity, some men want more from their wedding bands. One of the best ways to ensure your wedding band is as unique as you is to choose a band made of a non-traditional material. 

Black wedding bands, often made of obsidian or black tungsten carbide, are growing in popularity these days. These wedding bands are elegant, but a little edgier than a traditional gold or silver band. Black wedding bands are also popular for men who work with materials that might stain a lighter wedding band.

If you're looking for a sturdy wedding band that also provides a one of a kind look, a titanium wedding ring may be the best bet for you. Titanium is one of the strongest metals out there, so it's guaranteed to withstand any activity you've got planned. Bands made of titanium are available in matte gray and black in addition to the traditional silver, so your sturdy band can also stand out from the rest. 

If you really want an outside of the box wedding band, you could opt for a wedding ring that isn't made of metal at all.

Wedding bands made entirely of wood provide an earthy, rugged look for the outdoorsman who wants his wedding band to reflect his love of nature. Another non-metal option is a wedding band made of silicone, which is becoming increasingly popular with men who work tough jobs with their hands or regularly compete in sports. If you choose a silicone band, you're really bucking tradition since these bands can be any color of the rainbow and incorporate pretty much any design you can think up. 

Create a Truly Unique Wedding Band By Adding a Bit of Flair

If you want to make sure that your wedding ring catches everyone's eye, don't be afraid to choose a ring with some flair. Some men opt for rings that incorporate unique materials like wood or stone, other men opt for rings that have a unique texture, and still, others choose to engrave intricate patterns on their bands. 

Rings with inlaid materials like wood or stone definitely make a bold statement against the norm. These rings are typically made of a traditional material such as gold or silver, then the additional materials are added. The end result is an edgy, rugged look that never fails to impress. 

Men who are looking to stay more traditional, but still want something a bit different often choose a hammered wedding band. These cool wedding bands are usually made of traditional materials like silver, gold, and platinum, but they can also be made with non-traditional materials like titanium, tungsten, or sterling silver because the hammered look comes from a finishing process that works on pretty much any metallic material. The texture is subtle, so it's not as bold as other non-traditional styles, but it's just different enough to make an impression. 

Those who want a really one of a kind ring often choose to engrave their wedding bands with interesting designs or patterns. One popular choice, especially for those with Irish heritage, is to get a Celtic design etched into your wedding band. Others choose a more abstract pattern or even design their own pattern for their ring. Whatever you choose, getting an engraved ring guarantees that your wedding band is as individual as you. 

Unique Celebrity Men's Wedding Bands for Inspiration

If you're looking for some inspiration, look to the stars - the Hollywood kind, of course. 

You might think that diamonds are just for the ladies, but when it comes to wedding bands, diamonds aren't just a girl's best friend. Footballer David Beckham has been seen sporting a few different wedding bands over the years, but on his wedding day, he wore a thick platinum ring, covered in square cut diamonds.

Rapper/actor Ludacris also opted for a diamond encrusted band to represent his nuptials. His thick, white gold, a diamond-covered band is the absolute definition of bling. 

Hollywood golden boy Ryan Reynolds's gold wedding bands are also a one of a kind choice. He sports two gold bands, a simple thin band right next to a thick gold band which has some interesting detail work. Some speculate that his two ring look is a nod to the way women wear both their engagement and wedding bands. 

If Hollywood style isn't quite your thing, maybe Obama's unique wedding band is more your pace. His gold band is covered with intricate carvings that make this ring truly one of a kind, especially since it was made in the Indonesian town he lived in when he was young. 

Choosing the Unique Wedding Ring That's Right for You

For many men, choosing a piece of jewelry that they're going to wear for the rest of their lives is intimidating, especially if they're not the type to wear jewelry in the first place. Choosing a wedding band that you'll be happy to see on your finger every day and show off to everyone you know is essential, but how do you choose?

The best advice we can give is to look at a lot of different rings. That way you have a good idea of all the options, and from there you can choose one that truly fits your personality and style. 

For more inspiration, check out some of the truly unique wedding rings for men that we offer.