The Man's Guide to Choosing a Wedding Ring

The Man's Guide to Choosing a Wedding Ring

You’re in the store picking out a wedding band for your big day coming up. Each one seems the same to you so you shrug and just buy one that seems to fit you. Just because it seems to fit you now though, doesn’t mean you won’t lose it later in a dish water-related accident. 

You have to put a little bit of thought into your ring which isn’t easy given how many materials and styles they come in. To assist you in choosing a wedding ring for you here is everything that you should consider while you’re standing in the jewelry store.

1. Size 

Just because a ring easily slides on your finger and doesn't budge when you shake your hand, doesn't mean that it actually fits. If it's a little bit too big, it will slip off when your hand gets wet. This is why even if you're sure about your ring size it doesn't hurt to double check with our in-home sizing options

Make sure that you walk around for a few moments before you get your finger sized. Temperature can cause your finger to alter in size so you need to be at neutral body temperature. 

2. Width

Usually, people associate wider ring bands as being more manly but that isn't actually the case. Wide rings look best on those with wider fingers. If yours are thinner and skinnier your ring will take up a huge portion of your finger and look bulky. 

You're going to have to wear this ring every day for the rest of your life so buy a ring that looks good on your finger even if it's not considered "masculine". Besides, you'll save money because thinner bands are cheaper due to the fact that less metal is used in their creation. 

3. Material

Once you figure out what band size and width you should be looking at, it's time to choose your material. You have a ton of choices but here are a few of the most common ones. 

Tungsten Carbide

Silver and platinum look gorgeous but they can come with quite the price tag. Tungsten carbide has the same look as these other two popular metals but it's a lot less hard on the wallet. It's also a great option if your skin is very sensitive to metals because it's hypoallergenic. 

The only real problem with tungsten is that you won't be able to get it resized if the ring you buy happens to not fit. Because of this, always opt for a jeweler with a size guarantee like Alpine Rings


If you enjoy the look of tungsten but certain hobbies you have or your profession make it a little uncomfortable to wear then you can always get a titanium band. Titanium looks about the same as tungsten and is cost-effective, lightweight, and keeps heat and cold at bay. 

So if you work in a freezer, hammer nails on a roof for a living, or just want something that won't weigh your finger down, titanium is going to be your go to. 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel rings are lightweight like titanium and are easy as far as maintenance goes. The only problem is that this particular material usually contains nickel which a lot of people are allergic to.

If you know nickel breaks you out or turns your finger green, you'll want to stay away from stainless steel. 


Wood is gorgeous! Men love a good hardwood- Whether you get an entirely wooden ring or one with accents, guys just can't get enough. There is a lot that can be done with wood in terms of design and a bonus is they're lightweight. There is one thing to keep in mind if you go with this material for your ring, however. 

You can't let it soak in water. It won't be affected if you get caught in a rain shower every once in a while but if you wear it in the shower every day you may run into some problems over time. 


If you live an active lifestyle silicone is an excellent ring material choice. It fits close to the finger so you can easily slip your work gloves over it. You also don't have to worry about it slipping off because it got snagged on something. 

4. Styles

After you choose what material you want your ring made out of, it's time to choose a style. The main three are classic, hammered, and alternative. 


Classic styled rings are sleek and traditional which makes them one of the most popular choices for men. They're not very flashy. They don't come with stones or carvings but they're still quite lovely. 


Hammered rings for men put a modern spin on the classic ring look by adding in hammered edges. Many guys go with this style for their ring because it looks a bit more masculine than the classic ones. Most jewelers apply a brushed finish on top of the hammered facets to remove the sharp edges which gives the wearer a more comfortable feel. 


Alternative styled rings are made out of non-traditional metals such as cobalt and chrome. The edges are either rounded or beveled which make them a popular choice for men who already wear necklaces and other jewelry on a regular basis. 

Choosing a Wedding Ring that Will Make You Say I Do

When choosing a wedding band for men, there are many things that you have to consider such as the style, material used, size, and width. It also needs to look great while fitting your lifestyle. Use this guide to pick out a ring that you'll enjoy wearing for the rest of your life. 

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