The Five Most Amazing Winter Proposal Ideas

Winter proposal ideas

Organizing the perfect winter proposal is the first step in planning your future with your partner, and it should be a moment you’ll never forget.


Winter is also a popular season for engagements. In fact, research has shown that nearly 40% of U.S engagements happen in the two months between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.


Planning a winter proposal also means that you can get married in the summertime—a popular season for weddings.


If you’re looking for a couple of amazing winter proposal ideas, you’ve come to the right place.


This article will look at:

⛄ The benefits of proposing in the winter and why you should do it.

⛄ Unique and romantic winter wedding proposal ideas.

Why Should You Propose in the Winter?

Proposing in the winter gives you a couple of unique ways to pop the question—we’ll take a closer look at these in the next section.


Aside from having the opportunity to capture a stunning winter backdrop in all your photos, here are some more reasons why you should propose in the winter: 


❄️ Winter is when people want to cozy up and be close together. This gives you the perfect excuse to plan an intimate and romantic proposal—be it by the fireside, during a walk in the snow, or over some hot chocolate.


❄️ The season is also a symbolic time when people reflect on the past year and start to think of the next twelve months. Proposing in the winter can be a great way to have something exciting to look forward to in the new year—the wedding and the start of your lives together.


❄️ If you want to include family and friends in the proposal, winter is the perfect time to do that. Since it’s the festive season, many people might spend more time with their families. This makes getting people together for this special moment a bit easier.

Five Amazing Winter Proposal Ideas

Now that you know why the winter season is the perfect time to propose, let’s take a look at some romantic ways to pop the question.

⛸️ Propose on the ice-skating rink

Ice skating is a classic winter activity that can be the perfect romantic setting for a proposal.


You can rent out the entire rink for an intimate date night. Then get down on one knee when the moment seems right.


Or try to take your partner to a secluded corner of the rink where you can have your moment together.


You can also plan to visit the rink at a less popular time when it won’t be so crowded. This way, you won’t have to fight for a quiet spot when you want to pop the question.


This couple, Jason and Laura, got engaged on one of their favorite city’s ice rinks while on vacation together.


Jason even took skating lessons from a professional to make sure he got it just right! Then he planned a “contest” that would pick Laura as the winner.


In a surprise twist, her prize was a framed picture of her and Jason with a note that said “Will you marry me?” 


Once she opened it, Jason took his chance and skated over to her in the middle of the rink. 


However, on his way there, Jason realized he had never learned how to stop so he did the next best thing: fell down on his bum and slid toward Laura!


When he reached her, Jason took out the ring and asked Laura to marry him. Needless to say, she said yes!

🎆 Pop the question when the clock strikes midnight

Another classic proposal opportunity is New Year’s Eve—ask your partner the big question when the clock strikes twelve.


It’s the perfect excuse to go out with a big group of friends and family, complete with champagne and a celebratory mood.


When the New Year’s countdown starts, find a romantic place to get down on one knee. Propose just as the new year arrives to complete the moment with fireworks and all.


You can even slip the marriage proposal into your New Year’s resolutions like this couple.


Over dinner, Wallace shared her resolutions with her partner, Gabrielle.


When they got home, Gabrielle told Wallace about her resolution: to marry Wallace.


She had hidden the ring in the couch cushions. When she pulled it out Wallace immediately said yes!

🎄 Use the ring as a stocking stuffer

Christmas is the perfect time to give special gifts to the people who mean the most to you.


So why not surprise your partner with an extra special stocking stuffer this year?


Pop the ring into your partner’s stocking and suggest opening the main gifts first.


Once those have been opened, they probably won’t expect anything extravagant hiding in their stocking.


Make sure you’re ready to ask them to marry you as soon as they get to the ring box.


This couple’s post on Reddit tells the story of how the user’s partner proposed to her on Christmas Day. First, he put a jewelry box in the stocking that contained earrings.


When his partner opened the box, she saw the jewelry and thought it was the last present. 


But she kept digging in her stocking and found another jewelry box—this one containing an engagement ring!


Her partner was on his knees once she opened the box, ready to pop the question.

✨ Propose using festive lights

During the holiday season, festive lights pop up everywhere, and some people really go all out.


There are two ways that you can use the lights in your winter proposal idea. First, you can use them as a romantic backdrop once you get down on one knee.


To make this work, you can suggest driving or walking through a neighborhood lit with festive lights.


Then, you can stop at any location that seems romantic enough. It might also be a good idea to take a look at the lights beforehand to ease your nerves about finding the perfect spot.


The second way to use lights in a proposal is to have them spell out a message. 


You can set up a cozy picnic inside or outside and set up the lights where your partner will notice them upon arrival.


Once they’ve read your message, be waiting with the ring in hand.

☃️ Build a snowman

If you live in a state that gets snow in the winter, you can set up a snowman-building contest for a fun proposal idea.


You and your partner can each build a snowman, facing away from the other so that the final reveal will be a surprise.


Arrange your snowman to hold the ring box and be ready to get down on one knee once your partner realizes what’s happening.


You can also arrange your snowman so that it holds up a note that reads: “Will you marry me?” Or try and find a discreet way to write the message in the snow.


As soon as your partner turns around, you can drop down on your knee and pull out the ring.

Make the Right Choice with Alpine Rings

At Alpine Rings, we know that the proposal is the first important step you take towards spending the rest of your life with your partner.


It’s a day you’ll always remember, which is why it needs to be special and romantic.


In this article, we’ve looked at a couple of amazing winter proposal ideas to choose from. Now it’s time to pop the question!


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