Is tungsten a good choice for jewelry?

Is tungsten a good choice for jewelry?

Many men are turning to tungsten wedding bands these days. In fact, this alternative metal is beginning to unseat gold and silver as the most popular choice among guys. This has led many people to ask: Is tungsten a good choice for jewelry?

Tungsten wedding bands are an excellent choice because of their durability, affordability, and because of all the unique style choices you have when you opt for tungsten. Continue reading to learn all of the reasons tungsten rings work well as men's wedding bands.

What Is Tungsten, Anyway?

Tungsten is an unbelievably tough mineral that's almost completely indestructible. We all know that diamond is the hardest material on earth, right? Diamonds get a 10 rating (the very highest) on the Mohs scale, which rates hardness. Well, tungsten is right behind diamonds with a rating of 9. It's as hard as a sapphire, four times harder than titanium, five times harder than steel, and 10 times harder than 18-karat gold.

Softer metals, such as gold and silver, can be destroyed through melting — but not tungsten. Okay, technically, you could melt tungsten, but you'd need a fire burning 6,191 degrees Fahrenheit to pull it off, because tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal on Earth. If you've never thought of tungsten as a jewelry metal before, that's probably because you're more familiar with it as a material used to make surgical tools and armor-piercing ammunition. It's that tough.

No wonder tungsten gets its name from a Swedish word that means "heavy stone." It's simply the toughest metal in the world. Yes, even tougher than titanium. Tungsten carbide, the alloy out of which wedding rings are made, is about three times as hard as titanium. Nickel is used to bind the tungsten carbide together, but a quality tungsten ring will consist of about 85% pure tungsten carbide.

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Tungsten Rings Are Tough and Durable

Tungsten rings don't bend. Period. Take a pair of pliers to it, try to make its shape distort — you won't be able to do it. That means your tungsten wedding band will never become deformed into another shape (something that happens fairly often with gold bands). Even in an accident, the ring won't bend and press into your finger, possibly causing damage. The ring you slip onto your finger on your wedding day will always be the same.

This fact is a big draw for men who work with their hands but don't want to spend each work day taking their wedding rings off and putting them back on (with the risk of losing them each time). You can wear your tungsten wedding band at work with no worries that you'll come home with your ring full of dings and scratches.

Tungsten Rings Are Scratch-Resistant

If you work with your hands and you're concerned about the possibility of causing damage to your wedding band through scratching it, then you should take a look at tungsten rings. Unlike the more traditional gold, which is incredibly prone to scratches, tungsten carbide is utterly scratch-resistant. In fact, it's the most scratch-resistant metal on the planet.

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You Have Many Color and Style Choices With Tungsten Rings

The natural color of tungsten rings for men is a gun metal gray — which, of course, is a color that blends well with men's clothing of all types and is also one that many men find appealing because of its modern, masculine vibe. Wearing a tungsten wedding band automatically helps you stand out the other guys wearing gold and platinum.

But you don't have to settle for gun metal gray if you have a different preference. Tungsten rings can be polished up to gleam like platinum, they can be plated with color to make a stunning black tungsten ring, or even a killer rose gold tungsten ring. When you opt for a tungsten band, all sorts of color and style choices are available to you.

High-End Tungsten Wedding Bands Are Affordable

How much do you want to spend on a wedding band? (Or how much can you realistically afford?) If you've checked out gold and platinum bands and the prices made you shudder, it's time to take a good look at tungsten. Gold and platinum bands typically cost three to five times as much as tungsten wedding rings. Tungsten bands look spectacular while keeping your wedding budget well under control.

Tungsten Wedding Bands Retain Their Good Looks

Over the years, many metals used in wedding bands start to lose their luster. Silver needs constant polishing, gold has to be cleaned regularly, and even platinum starts to look a little bedraggled over time. But not tungsten. Not only is it scratch-resistant, but it also keeps its shine. That means your wedding band will look as beautiful and fresh on your 10th anniversary (or your 20th!) as it does on your wedding day — and you'll never have to polish it.

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Tungsten Wedding Bands Feel Great on Your Finger

Many men have appreciated the feeling of a solid, weighty ring throughout history, starting with signet rings and going all the way through men's school rings. With a tungsten ring, you can continue to enjoy that feeling of a nice weight on your hand, thanks to the underlying density of the metal. Tungsten rings also feel good when you slide them on and off your finger (and they come off easily, which is of value in the case of a medical emergency).

A Few Other Thoughts About Tungsten Wedding Bands

The one major drawback with tungsten wedding bands is that they can't be resized. Should your fingers become larger or smaller over time, you can't take your ring to a jeweler and ask for it to be stretched, as you can with gold. That means that when you have your finger sized for your wedding band, you should take several measurements at different times of the day to make sure you're getting the precise size you need. This is another point where the sheer affordability of tungsten wedding bands comes into play. If you do end up needing a new wedding band, the overall cost will still be below what you would have spent on a single platinum or even gold band.

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Your Selections in Tungsten Rings for Men

Because your tungsten wedding band is so long-lasting, you want to make the right choice. Fortunately, you have many choices when it comes to handsome tungsten rings for men.

Our tungsten rings come to you in a variety of shades, from black to a silver hue that almost looks white. You can choose from brilliant finishes that shine in the light or more subtle brushed looks that convey a quiet sophistication.

Have you been wavering between choosing a wooden band, with its natural look, and a more traditional metal wedding band? Tungsten can let you have the best of both worlds. We pair the strong look of the metal carefully with warmer elements such as wood, shell, and antler to create one-of-a-kind rings that suit your personality and show how special your relationship is.

In fact, many of our wooden bands are designed around a tungsten base to enhance the durability of the wood. You can even enjoy the smooth, sleek feel of tungsten next to your skin while sporting a band that highlights the unique natural look of the wood. Or consider flipping that construction, so that the polished black or gray of the tungsten shows its face to the world, with just a hint of the exotic inner wood lining peeking out to provide an intriguing contrast.

Exotic woods like Koa wood from Hawaii and zebra wood, with its variegated tones and shading, elevate the simple look of a metal ring into something uniquely beautiful. Another exotic option? African padauk wood, which features a deep warmth along with its intriguing texture. Men who want to convey the sense of being solid and grounded may choose to pair their tungsten wedding band with handsome chestnut wood, or you may opt for tough pear wood that brings with it a true complexity with its deep grain.

Our tungsten wedding bands are also available with accents of deer antler, all sustainably harvested, to bring a feeling of masculine adventure to your wedding band. Another way to enjoy a wedding band that stands out from the crowd is to select a tungsten wedding ring that incorporates beautiful, variegated shell segments that let you go through your day keeping two of the main elements — earth and water — close to you at all times.

Choose from tungsten wedding bands with beveled edges for a trendy look, rounded edges that feel ultra comfortable on your finger, or a flat design that pairs the contemporary appeal of tungsten with a more traditional shape. Each of our rings is hand-crafted with special care and attention to make sure you have a wedding band that speaks to the unique personality and style of your relationship.

Check out our vast selection of tungsten rings today to find the right choice for your comfort, style, and wallet.