9 Romantic Proposal Ideas That Will Take Your Partner’s Breath Away

9 Romantic Proposal Ideas That Will Take Your Partner’s Breath Away

You’ve met the love of your life. You’re looking at engagement rings or perhaps you already have one burning a hole in your pocket. Now, you just have to come up with the perfect proposal. No pressure. It’s only the most important question of your life.

Well, since the way you pop the question is a big deal, Alpine Rings is here with some romantic proposals that will lead to a heartfelt…“Yes!”

Wedding proposals can be anything from grand to intimate. The point is to put some thought into the moment with a creative idea that will make your partner feel special.

1. The Public Proposal

One of the most creative ways to propose is by displaying a large, public, “Will you marry me?” sign. Check out these ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Skywriting the question at a big outdoor event
  • Displaying your question on the Jumbotron at a sports event
  • Go on camera during a live television event or news broadcast
  • Ask divers at an aquarium to hold a sign inside the tank
  • At an amusement park – Bride story suggests holding a sign as she goes around the carousel. You can then have the ring waiting when she gets off. Of course, other rides will work just as well. For example, at the top of the Ferris wheel, the “tunnel of love”, or right before you go over the edge on the roller coaster, etc.
  • During a romantic hot air balloon ride

2. Incorporate Your Favorite Song

When it comes to romance, nothing hits all the right notes quite like music. A favorite song instantly transports you both to another time and place. Incorporating a favorite song into your proposal will evoke all of those memories.

For bonus points, you can arrange to have the song performed by a choir or band, in public or during a concert.

If the artist who performs the song is in town, you can take her to see the live version and pop the question at just the right moment. If you are especially committed and tenacious, perhaps you can even get the artist in on the proposal for more bonus points than you can count.

For all the extra bonus points, write your own song and perform it yourself. Even if you’re not a great singer (okay let’s say you can barely carry a tune) you will still raise your proposal score to astronomical heights.

3. Propose at Your Favorite Place

Choosing a setting for your proposal is critical. Just like music, special places can hold memories you both cherish. Perhaps you could choose the place where you met or went on your first date. Maybe return to where you went on a first vacation together. Or perhaps choose the place where you realized your partner was “the one”.

TheKnot.com has a creative proposal suggestion. Ask someone to take your picture, but instead of posing, you strike “the pose”…as in dropping to one knee.

4. Go on a Treasure Hunt

Creative proposal ideas are ones that show you put some thought into the big moment. Treasure and scavenger hunts are a popular choice because there are so many ways to do them. The basic premise is leaving notes and clues that lead to the final destination, which hopefully is…you.

Your hunt can be as big or small as you want. Maybe your future spouse will appreciate the intimacy of keeping to your apartment/house or you can go big and lead your partner across the city in a grand adventure.

5. Animals Always Work Magic

We all love our pets. If your partner has a dog or cat – or you bought a pet together – get Fido or Fluffy into the act. You can attach the new wedding band to Fido’s collar and have him deliver it. Maybe put a sign around Fluffy’s neck that says, “Please marry my human”. This is another area where you can come up with cute proposal ideas that will definitely seal the deal.

6. Incorporate the Family

Having the family share in your big day can be very emotional and touching. Perhaps propose during a holiday dinner or family vacation. You can also arrange a special outing, such as a boat trip around the bay, a private room at a restaurant or a surprise party. Again, you can get creative with this.

7. Let the Kids in on the Big Day

Does your partner have children from a previous relationship? Do you? You want to make sure the kids are also included in your special day. Perhaps you can propose to them, too, or have the kids do the asking. No matter how you do it, including the whole family unit is always a good idea. A “yes” means you will become a stepparent, and you want that relationship to be strong as well.

8. Getaway Proposal

Few things can be as romantic as the getaway proposal. Plan a special trip, with the end goal of popping the big question at some point. One creative way is to have the pilot on the plane do the asking, but there are literally a thousand ways to pull off a big surprise during your vacation.

9. Inside a Book

This is a great idea for the partner who is a bookaholic. It’s simple but effective and still manages plenty of romantic brownie points. Replace the bookmarker with a proposal message from you. You can also buy a book and remove pages so you can put the ring inside. If your partner would be upset about the destruction of an innocent book, you can try attaching the ring to the end of a ribbon marking the place.

Put the Same Thought Into Your Wedding Rings

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