7 Amazing Wedding Trends for 2022

wedding trends 2022

Have you recently gotten engaged and are now fantasizing about the wedding of your dreams? Congratulations on the engagement! If you want an incredible wedding in line with the most popular trends of the day, then you have come to the right place.

Here, we will outline seven fabulous wedding trends for the new year. Wedding trends 2022 are sure to make a splash! If you want to wow your guests, consider adding some of these top wedding trends 2022 for your big day. Let’s get started on this list!

Virtual Save-the-Dates

Currently, more and more couples want to protect the planet, reduce waste, and even save on the costs associated with stationery. Virtual save-the-dates are becoming a more common way of communicating wedding dates with guests.

This also provides instant communication instead of guests getting the save-the-date a week or later after mailing the stationery. Virtual save-the-dates sent by email or another messaging platform also allow couples to get responses from their guests much more quickly.

Virtual save-the-dates and wedding invitations allow couples to know the information got to their guests instead of worrying about the slow pace of snail-mail. It allows for more last-minute changes for the guests while the engaged couples can save money.

Multiple Entertainers in One Night

Wedding trends in 2022 also involve hiring multiple entertainers for the ceremony and reception. More interactive wedding entertainment is expected to hit the scene in 2022. Impressive musical acts are a more common desire among engaged couples today.

For example, many prefer a ceremony with classical music and a band providing live music during the reception. The wedding industry embraces the diversity in the musical elements of artists playing at weddings.

Besides musicians, some couples have begun hiring professional dancers, fortune tellers, acrobats, and more. Furthermore, some weddings have string instruments performing during the ceremony, jazz music during the cocktail hour, and live bands playing fun music during the reception.

Colorful Weddings

More weddings are expected to either be quite colorful or have a pop of color mixed in with some neutral whites, beiges, and blushes. Green is a favorite color among many couples, as it matches many floral decorations. Flowers come with green stalks and leaves, so having menus, cloth napkins, and other décor matching the dark greens of florals is a beautiful idea.

Colorful weddings are an up-and-coming trend with different shades of blue becoming more popular than in years past. Pops of color are also trending, as various weddings have pink and blush colorways with bright red standing out. White colors can also benefit from a hint of a bright yellow to make those wedding colors pop.

Personalized Wedding Garments

Innovation in personalized wedding attire has become the norm. This trend involves wearing more colorful wedding dresses, such as bright pink. Individuality should be a big part of wedding planning, so make sure your big day leaves plenty of room for self-expression and personality to shine through!

Now, you may not feel it necessary to have a completely different color to your wedding dress, but maybe you want to give it a tint or slight shade. A dress with a light peach shade can make your attire stand out and add a unique flair to the traditional wedding garb.

Nonetheless, some brides are adding leather, feathers, and more to their bridal attire. You can wear a headband or a flower crown if you're not a fan of veils. Let's not forget the groom, either. Many men are shifting away from the traditional style of wedding bands and opting for wood or more modern rings that capture sophistication, elegance, and uniqueness.

Essentially, it’s your wedding day, and you get to decide what to wear.

Innovative Floral Decorations

More innovation is taking place in the world of wedding flowers. For instance, hanging florals and other gorgeous flower installations are becoming more popular. The hanging florals hover over tables, with some even hanging from the ceiling to the bottom of the floor.

Florals are becoming more monochromatic. Instead of the garden-based wedding flowers of the past, blooms of the same types or colors are taking hold. Bigger individual blooms and greenery are becoming more common among bouquets and centerpieces. It may be partially due to floral shortages taking place around the world.

Smaller bunches of similar hues are the new style trending in 2022.

Private and Intimate Weddings

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the requirements around vaccinations, masking, and social distancing, many couples are still opting to forgo large weddings and choosing to have smaller, more private, and intimate weddings.

In these crazy times, more and more wedding planners task themselves with creating cozy spaces for smaller ceremonies. These lower guest counts are perfect for rustic and country-themed weddings. A mix of modern and nature-based atmospheres are excellent for these types of intimate weddings.

Couples can invite guests not on the list to view their wedding via Zoom, Google Hangouts, or the YouTube live streaming function. You can also hire a professional to record the big day and send the video to friends and family.

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are also becoming more common than in the past few years. Now that people vaccinated against COVID-19 and tested negative can travel more frequently, destination weddings are trending again.

Whether couples invite dozens of their friends and family to their destination wedding or decide to elope instead, traveling to a destination is becoming quite popular. With many couples unable to spend on over-the-top, expensive weddings, eloping in a destination wedding is a great new concept.

Smaller and more intimate ceremonies in the perfect location are a great start to any honeymoon!


As we move into a new year, we've shifted from the traditional way of hosting social gatherings to a modernized adaption of the current times. These amazing wedding trends of 2022 offer new and innovative ways to still enjoy one of the best days of your life with the people closest to you.

From virtual wedding invitations to intimate wedding gatherings and colorful dresses to natural and unique wedding bands, 2022 is sure to be an exciting year for weddings. Before you know it, you’ll be dancing the night away with your new partner!