5 Ways To Upgrade Your Traditional Wedding Bands

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Traditional Wedding Bands

Your love may shine forever but your wedding band won't. Till death do you part, is indeed a long time.

No finish can remain the same. A shiny one will wan and a matte one will start shining. A lot of other things might change too.

For example, your finances might improve requiring your band to reflect this, your tastes might change, or the ring might not fit as well as it did in your heydays.

If you are not completely happy with your wedding band, do not hate it and do nothing. Traditional wedding bands can get an upgrade. Here are 5 ways to fall in love with your wedding ring all over again.

1. Upgrade the Stone

If you are looking to get a more sophisticated-looking ring, changing the stone is one way to go. You can change the center stone with a larger or differently cut diamond or stone of your choice.

The second time around, you can be more discerning about the cut. How a diamond is cut dictates how well it reflects light. By having it expertly cut, you can get more clarity and sparkle from your diamond.

You can also use the original diamonds as smaller side stones along the girth of your ring.

2. Switch out the Band

If you love your stone just fine, what about changing the band?
You can change the metal from gold to silver or platinum. For an insanely unique ring, consider a wooden wedding band.

Similarly, you can alter the width of your ring and go wider or slimmer. 
Some band materials such as platinum are advantageous because they do not need re-plating.

Aside from this, platinum also has hypoallergenic properties as well.

If it’s a white or yellow gold ring, ensure to have it occasionally dipped to refresh its look.

3. Swap Dainty for Durability

A lot of men these days are ditching their traditional silver and gold rings and opting for a more durable metal that fits their lifestyle. Guys looking for this option can't go wrong with an affordable tungsten wedding band.

These rings are incredibly resistant to scratching and will keep their luster for decades. With all the benefits to alternative metals like tungsten, we're not sure why gold is still so common. 

4. Go for Colored Stones

More and more people are sprucing up traditional bands with a pop of color. You get to take your pick from gemstones, sapphires, and emeralds.

Today, you can get lab generated gemstones that look much like the real thing, but at a more affordable price.

Aside from its uniqueness, colored stones allow you to personalize your ring and showcase who you are.

5. Change Its Shape

If you love your stone, but still want a different look, you can have the stone cut differently.

However, the ability to do this is dependents on the shape and size of your current one. Your jeweler can advise on what designs are achievable from your stone.

6. Get a Diamond Ring Enhancer

While some people like the simplicity of a diamond ring, others prefer a bit more sparkle.

Diamond enhancers are rings made to sandwich the original wedding band and give you a totally different –looking ring.

You, however, need to pay special attention to the look of the new ring to ensure it blends perfectly with the old one.

The enhancer is meant to highlight the original band, as well as add some life and sophistication to it.

While this has been more common with engagement rings in the past, more and more people are exploring this option for wedding rings as well.

7. Hidden Diamond

This is a newer trend where you hide a diamond under the main stone where it’s not easily seen from the top but can be spotted at an angle.

This increases the value of your ring in an understated way.

8. Infuse Colored Gemstones

Infuse your ring with colored stones by surrounding the center stone with your favorite colored stone.

This makes the center stone stand out more and is also one of the ways to make the center diamond look larger.

Again, ensure that the colored stone you pick blends in well with the center stone so that the new ring looks like several pieces of one whole.

The colored gemstones should enhance the center stone too, and not overpower it.

How to Care for Your Traditional Wedding Bands

With your new ring upgrade, you will want to take the best care of your ring, so it remains gorgeous and sparkly for years to come.

If it's a family heirloom, that's the more reason to take the best care of it through the years. Here are a few wedding band care and maintenance tips.

• Take your rings to a jeweler at least once a year for inspection and professional cleaning
 Clean your ring regularly to avoid dirt build up 
• If you spot a loose stone or a prong gets stuck onto something, have it checked out by a jeweler 
• Store the ring in a soft compartment whenever you take it off
• Do not store your ring with other metallic pieces that can scratch it up
• Refresh your band according to the care instructions
• Avoid having your ring resized multiple times
• Take off your rings when undertaking any high impact activities or activities that could cause your ring to slip off
• If you have a particularly expensive wedding band, consider getting it insured

Flaunt It

Some people might feel guilty about changing up their wedding bands for fear that they might offend their partners.

Some feel that getting a wedding ring replacement, or upgrading a ring would diffuse the older band’s sentimental value.

None of this is true. At the end of the day, both modern and traditional wedding bands speak to one thing: your love and commitment to your spouse.

The only thing that is likely to change is that you will now have a ring that looks better and suits your current tastes perfectly.

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