5 Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

5 Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. You and your spouse are making a lifelong commitment to one another. And getting ready to start your lives together as a family unit.

While you may want a traditional, formal ceremony, your wedding reception should be anything but tame! Now is the time to celebrate -- you and the love of your life got married!

Your wedding reception should be as much fun as your relationship. Every year 2.3 million couples exchange matrimonial vows. With so many weddings happening, how can you ensure your special day stand above the crowd?

Check out our list of unique wedding ideas to help you plan a truly memorable day.

Functional and Fun Party Favors

Traditional wedding favors like Jordan almonds and bubbles are a thing of the past. Modern couples opt for functional favors over traditional ones.

Planning a rocking dance party that goes until dawn? Set up baskets of flip flops for your guests. Now they can kick off their fancy shoes and dance without and sore feet blues. 

Are you having a summer wedding? Set up a sunscreen and bug spray station. You should also put out baskets of inexpensive sunglasses in your wedding colors. Some couples even offer complimentary fans!

Offer end of the night favors that are useful and creative. Hangover kits complete with aspirin and eye masks are a popular choice.

Also, make sure to offer guests to-go boxes for their leftovers. That way everyone gets to take some food home and you aren't stuck wasting the leftovers!

2. Personalized Touches

Your wedding day is about you and the love of your life --  plan your wedding to reflect that. Guests love personalized touches. And it will make the day all the more special for you both.

You and your betrothed spent hours picking out the perfectly unique men's wedding ring. Why not let them inscribed with a special message to commemorate your special day. Read the inscriptions aloud at the reception for your friends and family!

Consider setting up a cozy lounge are that reflects your personal styles. Are you a big fan of boho looks? Create a plush, bohemian space with curtains and floor pillows. 

Customize your food and drink to commemorate the joyous occasion. Order some M&Ms with your faces on them. Or create your own personalized labels for canned drinks.

The wedding party isn't large enough to honor every important person in your lives. Set up a DIY flower station so every guest can make their own corsage or boutonniere!

3. Complimentary Childcare

Many couples choose to forgo inviting children to their wedding altogether. But, kids are an important part of your family and your friend's families -- it's best to include them if you can.

Weddings are lengthy formal affairs, and children can become a bit antsy.  Give mom and dad a night off to enjoy the reception by providing complimentary childcare!

Consider creating a separate children's hangout space. And staff it with experienced, competent nannies.

Fill the space with comfy furniture for kids who tucker themselves out on the dance floor. And provide fun wedding-themed game and activity packs for the kids to enjoy as well.

A separate, calm space where kids can go to unwind will be a godsend for parents. And it will minimize the number of tantrums and public meltdowns. 
Make sure you include a note about complimentary childcare on your invitation. Ask parents to RSVP how many kids will be using the service, their names, ages and if they have any allergies.

4. Capture Your Evening 

A photo booth is an excellent way to capture memories of all your guests and send them home with a fun memento.

Most professional photo booth companies provide copies of everyone's photos of the night. What a great way to add personality to your wedding album! And showcase all your guests without having to take photos with each of them. 

A video confessional booth is a fun new take on the photo booth. Guests can record personal messages for you. And your videographer can edit them into your wedding video. The responses might range from hilarious to touching, but no matter what it's a fun way to remember the night.

A live painter is an amazing way to commemorate the most important day of your lives thus far.

You can hire a live oil painter to create a stunning heirloom during your ceremony and reception! So often we plan our weddings with our guests in mind. While a live painter is sure to wow your guests, it's really a gift to yourselves.

5. Enthralling Activities

Traditional weddings can be a bit boring and stuffy. Liven things up with some more activities! Modern couples include exciting, personalized activities that will keep the party going longer.

Yard games are a popular trend for outdoor weddings. Set up a couple of corn-hole boards and some giant Jenga blocks. Your guests are sure to have a blast!

Bounce houses aren't just for kids anymore! Order a bounce house -- or two-- to liven your reception. And bounce into your new life together!

Help your guests remember your wedding for days to come -- hire a temporary tattoo stand! A tattoo stand is a fun way to customize your wedding. And give your guests a delightful (temporary) memento. 

Have the temporary tattoo artist create a flash sheet inspired by you and your partner. And flex those forearms in photos to show off your sick tats!

End the night with a bang -- fireworks are fun for all ages. And they create gorgeous photo opportunities for you and your new spouse. Besides, it's a better way to end the night than blasting 'Closing Time'

Throw the Perfect Wedding Reception

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You and your spouse will look back at the photos for years to come. And reminisce about when you both became one. 

An amazing wedding reception is a perfect way to celebrate your joy. A unique wedding reception showcases your personalities. And adds even more excitement to a thrilling day.

Order your matching wedding bands and plan the perfect wedding reception today!