5 Ideas For Fashionable Men's Wedding Rings

5 Ideas For Fashionable Men's Wedding Rings

Did you know an average of 2.4 million weddings occur in the United States every year? If you're planning a wedding, you might wonder what men's rings to choose from.

Are you looking to find a unique men's wedding band? Not to worry! In this guide, we'll go over five ideas for interesting wedding rings.

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Five Ideas for Wedding Rings: A Guide

Wedding rings symbolize a lifetime of commitment. Try and take the time to go through a diverse selection of rings.

Women have enjoyed hundreds of style options, including gemstones and diamonds. Men have had fewer options until recent years.

Are you looking for a wedding band to complement your lifestyle and fashion sense? Let's take a look at different styles to help guide your decision.

1. Titanium Wedding Bands

Titanium wedding bands are a versatile option for shoppers. They are shaped into different styles, and you can even integrate other metals. These rings are hypoallergenic enough for medical professionals.

If you are sensitive to any metals, this is a decent choice. You're safe from skin irritation with titanium. It's also ideal for commercial plane workers because of its strength.

Titanium rings are more expensive than their modern metal counterparts. This metal's affected by chlorine and industrial chemicals. Its lightness is one of its greatest appeals.

The downside to titanium is it's impossible to resize. You would need to buy a new ring if your ring size changes in a few years.

A titanium ring will match all your outfits and is perfect for everyday wear. Titanium is a neutral grey shade. For a less traditional approach, titanium is an option. You can add texture and polish this metal.

2. Tungsten Wedding Bands

For men who work with their hands, tungsten is an ideal match. Tungsten is a precious metal and is resistant to scratches. It doesn't tarnish, making it low-maintenance.

It's a heavier metal, making it a popular choice for men who want a solid and chunkier ring. For someone looking for his band to make an impact, this is a unique choice.

Men's tungsten wedding bands include various colors and creative inlays. You can also incorporate engravings or personalized details. Tungsten rings feature unique designs.

Like titanium, you cannot resize tungsten rings. Know your correct ring size before ordering your wedding band if you plan to buy online.

These rings are easy and quick to remove from your finger in the event of a medical emergency. Tungsten doesn't bend out of shape. In an accident, your ring will not deform and injure your finger more.

It's also another hypoallergenic option for those with allergies to gold.

3. Wood Inlays

One of the newest trends is incorporating wood inlays into the wedding ring. Heavy metal contrasted with wood details look organic and natural.

Not all wood is the same, and each one holds a symbolic meaning. Polished wood looks classy while wood with a heavier grain adds unique texture.

Try to find the right element by considering what style you're seeking. Do you want something that appears dramatic, casual, or elegant? 

Koa wood is found in the Hawaiian islands. This wood's rich brown with hues of red. Koa wood rings could be a unique choice for someone who loves the ocean or has a strong personality. Koa wood will pair well with warm and white metals.

Mahogany wood comes from Africa. Its grain features a multidimensional look with an orange undertone. The grain detailing looks like amber streaks. This is a classic wood and appears refined.

You might have seen mahogany in fine furniture stores or in guitars. This ring is not a flimsy piece of wood. Consider choosing mahogany if you want something that's appealing and unique.

You can choose a black ceramic with an inlay of textured mahogany to switch things up.

4. Black Carbon Fiber Inlay

Carbon rings are the new face of jewelry. It's a unique choice for those who like to stray from the traditional look.

Carbon inlay wedding bands are both practical and beautiful. They are more comfortable than other materials. You'll have added durability as well.

You can choose a new band that features a black carbon fiber inlay. This is an edgy and unique look, featuring a comfortable fit.

5. Black Ceramic Wedding Bands

If you're looking for a contemporary and unique look in a men's ring or band, black ceramic's an option. Ceramic rings are elegant and add an understated contemporary style to any outfit.

These rings are lightweight, durable, and scratch-resistant. They are also versatile because you can add wooden inlays or beveled edges. Most men who choose this ring prefer the material because of its dynamic look and lightness.

Another benefit to ceramic rings is they're hypoallergenic. For anyone with ultra-sensitive skin or psoriasis, this is an option for you.

These rings are durable and stronger than stainless steel. If you have a hands-on job requiring a lot of physical work, this is an ideal choice.

Compared to other metals, ceramic is a lot cheaper. For individuals with a budget, this is a perfect choice. You can still find a quality ring at a fraction of the cost. Check out our tips on buying an affordable wedding ring

Choose a Wedding Band

We hope you found this guide on men's wedding rings insightful. Take time looking through the various options. Find the band that suits your personality and style.

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