5 Great Wedding Bands for the Outdoorsman in Your Life

5 Great Wedding Bands for the Outdoorsman in Your Life

Marrying an outdoorsman? Or you are an outdoorsman looking for a wedding band? This article is for you! As an outdoorsman, you love nature. You’re adventurous. You have wanderlust and a keen desire to hunt, hike and explore. You need a man’s wedding band to suit the outdoor lifestyle that doesn’t compromise your fun and zest for life and won’t hold you back. You want a wedding ring that is as unique as you are and blends the elements of the outdoors that you love.  

As an outdoorsman choosing your wedding ring, you probably don’t have an understanding of all of the elements you need to take into consideration. Perhaps you’ve never worn a ring before. Or if you have, you have no idea of all the things you need to know to buy your wedding ring. And let’s face it, you can’t just get rid of your wedding band if you get tired of it. It is for life. This wedding ring will be in your photos, and people (your beloved bride!) will want to see this beauty on your finger. Every. Day. 

From your side, you need this ring to reflect who you are.  It should sum up who you are as a man. As a human. As a husband. You also need it to work hard to keep up with your active and outdoor life. This ring needs to knuckle down to business on so many levels.  

What options are there for outdoorsman wedding bands that celebrate comfort and style and don’t compromise your hard work and need to be in nature? What things do you need to think about before making your choice?

Questions you need to consider before you purchase are: 

  • What materials do you want? 
  • Do you want to be unique or traditional? 
  • What colors do you prefer? 
  • Does your future wife have an opinion? (to match her rings)
  • How much do you want to spend? 

This list of questions can seem overwhelming. 

At Alpine Rings, we create beautiful men’s wedding bands with unique designs at affordable prices. Alpine Rings knows that men want to be proud to wear their rings and show off their distinctive style with a band to match. 

We use innovative designs coupled with affordability and comfort. Our brand unites manliness that has an earthy vibe with our wooden and metal combination men’s wedding rings. 

Choosing a men’s wedding ring can be difficult, so let this review help guide you with

the best choice for you on your most special day. 

Hammered Black Tungsten Wedding Band with Koa Wood 

The Hammered Black Tungsten Wedding Band with Koa Wood is made from brushed and hammered black tungsten, complemented with the warmth of a koa wood inset.  

Tungsten is a unique and rare hard steel-gray metal and one of the most durable and sturdy elemental metals found on earth. Koa wood is native to Hawaii and is highly desired by anyone working with exotic woods or who wants something distinctive. Each ring is crafted with attention to detail in small batches.   

This men’s wedding band has a high masculinity quotient and a great price tag. The koa wood inset is beautifully offset by the black brushed hammered finish of the scratch-resistant tungsten. The ring is 100% waterproof, comes in 6 mm or 8mm width, and has a smooth, comfort fit. This ring is for the man who wants a unique and special wedding band.  

Hammered Tungsten Wedding Band

The Hammered Tungsten Wedding Band is a design of beauty. Hardwearing and durable, it is made from solid Tungsten metal known for its qualities of strength and durability, qualities that you will want to share with your beloved on your special day and for eternity.  

The brushed and hammered finish is stunning in its manly design and has a slight sheen and clean lines. The ring is perfect for the independently spirited man who wants an uncomplicated, simple design. Comfortable to wear every day and stunning enough to show how extraordinary you are.  

The band is 100% waterproof and comes in all sizes and 6mm or 8mm width. As with all Alpine Rings, it comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Hammered Black Tungsten Wedding Band With Deer Antler

This Hammered Black Tungsten Wedding Band with Deer Antler is a stunning choice for the adventurous man who will adore the blend of metal and organic, deer antler inlay. The antler takes on an almost blue hue and is very elegant in its design. It is the perfect wedding ring for outdoorsy, powerful, and sporty types. 

The craftsmanship of this small batch-designed ring is noticeable and is perfectly distinctive for your wedding day vows. The brushed hammered finish and use of tungsten metal are hardwearing and will resist scratches. Deer Antler is known for its endurance, strength, and athletic performance. So this wedding band is perfect for the man that resonates with these characteristics.  

This ring is the perfect complement to your outdoor life and your new married life.   

Polished Tungsten Wedding Band With Deer Antler And Koa Wood

This Polished Tungsten Wedding Band with Deer Antler and Koa Wood blends the harder-than-titanium tungsten metal with rare Deer Antler and Koa Wood, which is for the man who prioritizes strength and character. Koa wood is from Hawaii, and Koa means ‘brave, bold, and fearless warrior’ in the native tongue. 

No two Alpine Rings that use Deer Antler are the same, as it is an organic and natural material. Some antler markings have dark flecks, and some are pure white. The ring is as unique as you are, and if you have a preference of color, you can reach out to us for a bespoke choice.  

All Alpine Rings’ Deer Antlers are sustainably sourced, thus working in harmony with nature. This ring has a smooth, comfort fit and is available in 6mm/8mm width.  

Polished Tungsten Wedding Band With Pear Wood And Shell

This Polished Tungsten Wedding Band With Pear Wood And Shell is very unique and ideal for the man that wants something Maverick to complete his vows with. This ring represents the natural elements of water and earth and is for the man that truly loves the outdoors. 

The polished tungsten has a brilliant shine and unites metal, wood, and shell. Pearwood is a very special material. It grows slowly and is very durable yet hard at the same time. It can be carved into very detailed designs without compromising, splitting, or breaking. This unusual blend of sturdiness and flexibility is very unique in the natural world.  

The combination of these materials is striking. This ring is for the man that wants to stand out in the crowd.   

Alpine Rings for Outdoorsmen 

As this Alpine Rings spotlight shows, we have disrupted the outdoorsman wedding bands market with our affordable, unique, and durable designs. Our craftsmanship and comfort are second to none, and our customers are so happy with their choices! 

Our rings are made in small batches, and all come with a complimentary wooden display box made with solid Olivewood (chosen for the exceptional quality of the wood grain). Just like our wood mens wedding bands, no two boxes are the same. Alpine wedding ring bands are as exclusive as the special day you and your loved ones are planning.   

Why buy from us? Excellent customer service, fast and free shipping, unique materials, attention to detail, great product range, comfort, size, fit and feel.  Also, a lifetime warranty shows our confidence, and the ‘Alpine Ring promise’ is that we will take care of our customers.  

The resilient metal and wood combination means you don’t have to compromise your hardworking outdoor lifestyle when you are married.  The materials are carefully chosen to celebrate nature by using natural materials like hard-wearing unique metals and exclusive wood that was once a breathing living entity. You can’t get more natural than that! 


Struggling to find the right fit? The Alpine Rings free ring sizer helps to make sure your new wedding ring not only looks amazing but is also the perfect fit, which is essential for shopping online for one of the most important purchases of your life.  

Customers of Alpine Rings are so happy with the look and feel of our beautiful and hard-wearing rings. At Alpine Rings, we are committed to creating innovative designs that remain affordable for couples. Our men’s rings are the perfect complement to your bride on the most important day of your life! 

Once you have chosen Alpine Rings for your wedding day, you can be reassured that you now only have to focus on the Big Day itself and making your promises to each other. Your wedding band will endure, as will your vows to one another, and your outdoor lifestyle will not be compromised, as our rings are as sturdy and steadfast as you are.