2019 Wedding Bands Trends

2019 Wedding Bands Trends

The average male spends about $572 on his wedding band

It is possible, however, to cut this price by up to 70% with a little bit of shopping around.

Most men and women plan on keeping their symbols of eternal commitment for years to come. Yet they also want a piece that is a modern, stylish expression of their marital status.

There is no reason to spend a fortune on a a sleek, classy wedding band. Some of the most attractive, durable materials cost just a fraction of their more pricey counterparts.

What are some 2019 trends in wedding bands to know about? Let's take a look.

1. Intertwined Bands

Many women opt for a wedding band that locks into the engagement ring to form a single piece. Men may also choose two bands that click into one another. This is usually done by sliding the pieces around each other.

It is also possible to pile on as many bands as you want to represent different milestones. You can wear these pieces alone or together when you go out.

Some men prefer to wear a more valuable ring on special occasions. They also may choose a less expensive material for a piece that demonstrates their commitment when they are doing work around the house or engaging in athletic activities.

Women may choose to wear a band on each side of their engagement rings. 

Some brides and grooms may wish to salvage a family heirloom as one of their rings. These use vintage designs for unique inspiration.

2. Colored Metals

While women often choose the same metal as their engagement rings, men tend to opt for more traditional metals.

Gone are the days of standard wedding bands in yellow gold. Today, any number of options are available.

Rings in yellow tones work with any type of gemstone and complement every setting, including classic, vintage, and modern designs. Rose gold also provides a nice blend of romance and masculinity.

Titanium wedding bands for men are rising in popularity due to their strength, durability, and luxurious look. They are also lightweight and affordable.

Tungsten rings are strong and hypoallergenic. They are scratch-resistant and will not bend out of shape. Their look is similar to that of sterling silver, which has an elegant, understated finish.

Ceramic rings, often black, are lightweight and economical. They have a beautiful, polished sheen that never fades.

Ceramic is a great material for contemporary designs. Black can add elegance and intrigue to your ring.

3. Mixed Materials

Mixing materials, such as wood and metal, make a bold statement while remaining low-key. 

Two tones can give your ring a rustic, masculine feel that expresses your personality without screaming for attention.

4. Wood Rings

A wood inlay or overlay on rings is a great way to create a nature-inspired look. Mahogany and sandalwood have interesting grain patterns and create attractive rings.

Some wooden rings have religious or sentimental significance. A ring made from Koa wood, for example, represents integrity and strength. It is beautiful in its simplicity.

Carved wooden rings are made from a block of solid wood. A wooden overlay is a wood wrapped around a cylinder and inlaid with a metal strip. It adds beauty, contrast, and durability to the piece.

A wedding band with wooden inlay creates a bold, classic contrast between wood and metals. These rings are polished and coated in resin increase resistance to water damage.

Wood is eco-friendly and inexpensive. Another bonus is it's easy to engrave.

5. Textured Details

Nature-loving details, such as earthy tones, make a ring stand out. Milgrain details, a vertical stripe, a Celtic knot, or custom patterns serve to make your ring unique and soulful.

Some brides and grooms choose to adorn their rings with symbols of their nationality or heritage, making them incredibly personal and respectful.

Brides may choose to adorn their rings with flowers and petals. Gentlemen may wish to choose a pattern with a wooden or even a manly hammered finish for their wedding ring as an homage to the outdoors.

6. Engravings

It is no longer possible to only engrave your initials on the inside of your wedding band. Quotes and images are common and encouraged.

You may, for example, choose to engrave a lyric from your favorite song. A phrase could also be carved on the inside or outside of your ring. Technology has even enabled folks to engrave their fiancé's fingerprints on their symbol of love and dedication.

7. Diamonds Are a Man's Best Friend

Diamonds are no longer reserved only for ladies rings. Men now often choose to place subtle stones on their wedding bands.

The stone should be set flush against the surface of the ring for a smooth exterior. Gentlemen often prefer black, champagne-colored, or yellow diamonds.

8. A Fine Finish

Men should look for designs that are curved and not flat. The bottom should be tapered so that it bears most of the wear and tear, keeping the visible surface free from harm.

A high-polish finish for wedding rings is the most popular choice. The glossy finish is scratch-resistant and attractive.

A matte finish is less reflective and has an understated, modern feel. It helps maintain the beauty of a fine metal, but requires some maintenance. 

Some folks choose a combination of matte and high-polish texture for maximum class and polish.

The Finest Wedding Bands 

The most attractive wedding bands are not the most expensive pieces. They are the ones that combine materials, details, and tones in a way that showcases your commitment and personality.

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