Ceramic Wedding Bands & Rings for Men

When we say ceramic, we're not talking about the delicate stuff they make teacups and floor tiles out of. Each of our ceramic rings is handmade with a metal compound tough enough to cut steel. It's ultra strong, also going by the name titanium carbide, and it's commonly used in drill bits for heavy-duty machining, or fancy chef's knives that hold a killer edge. Most importantly, we think it makes a mighty fine ceramic wedding band.

Our ceramic is naturally black and strikes a bold contrast with the organic materials we love to work with. It's smooth, and very resistant to scratching, resulting in pieces that hold up over time. Ceramic gives our handcrafted wooden bands the strength to stay sharp and look brand new after years of daily wear as a part of your collection.

Pear wood is an ideal material to compliment ceramic, as the black frame of the metal helps bring out its deep, red tones and highlight the details. This wood typically has a wild and exotic grain, meaning no two pieces are alike. High-quality wood from the sand pear is often used to make woodwinds and other instruments, both for its resonant qualities and striking beauty, so these rings are a good option to consider as a gift for a musician.

Teak has a rich look and a lot of personality, with a straight but highly variable grain running over its orange surface of warmth and serenity. Koa wood is pretty similar, with an organic feeling and modest appeal, giving you a couple of great options to choose from.

Our designs personify authenticity. We want guys to have more and better options for jewelry, so we choose the materials we work with very carefully. It's not just an aesthetic, but a belief that jewelry is a matter of personal expression. Our rings are made to represent and embody the character of the men who wear them.

Oak is a favorite for its rustic and grounded look, with desaturated tones that go well with pretty much any wardrobe. Apricot is nearly black and white, and these two types of wood make perfect accessories for guys with a modern and sleek style. Zebra wood features a much thicker grain against its pale wood backdrop, so it stands out in a crowd a little bit more and makes a charming accent for a man in touch with nature.

Chestnut carries a completely different vibe than the other woods we use. It's dark and distinguished, like a barrel stained after aging a batch of wine for a generation. Subtle patterns and broad bands help to forge rings that are as unique as the guys wearing them.

Every ring we produce is a one of a kind piece, and we craft them in small batches to make sure each one is up to our high standards. Whether you're looking for modern refinement or classic and natural, we've got something in store for any man of style.