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Alpine Rings - Men's Ring Size Guide

So you’re ready to propose to the man in your life. Or perhaps, you’ve already said “YES!” and now you need to find a men's wedding band for your fiancé.

But before you go hunting for the ring, you'll need to determine their ring size because the perfect ring has to have the perfect fit.

While this seems straightforward, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to get your partner’s ring size wrong. 

Incorrect sizing can happen because you:

❌ Don’t use the right unit of measurement.

❌ Assume all rings are re-sizable so you take a guess. (Hint: They are not!)

❌ Aren’t sure how the ring should fit.

❌ Don’t get professional help. (You're in the right place)

Don't worry, we've got your back! This article will show you how to avoid these mistakes and find your perfect ring size.

We also share our top ring sizing tips and provide a handy size chart to get you on the right track.

How To Find The Perfect Ring Size 

How to Find the Perfect Ring Size

Finding the correct ring size is easy if you know what to do.

When ordering rings online, remember that you won’t be able to try them on first. That’s why you should be sure of the size before placing an order.

This step-by-step guide shows you how to measure your partner’s ring size.

At Home Measurement Guide

Step One

Ring sizing step 1

Wrap a string or a piece of fabric or paper around the base of your partner’s left ring finger.

Ensure that the fit is snug and comfortable but not too tight. 


Step Two

Ring sizing step 2

Mark the spot where the end touches the string after it has wrapped around your finger. This is what you’ll use for the primary measurement.

Step Three

Ring sizing step 3

Measure the length between one end of the string and the mark you’ve made. Make sure that you record the measurement in millimeters which is the worldwide standard for jewelry measurement.

Step Four

Ring sizing step 4

Use the measurements on the ring sizer chart below to determine the perfect ring size. Be sure to click for a full size printable version. 

Printable Ring Size Chart

(Click For Full Size)


Alpine Rings Sizing Chart

Now that you’ve done the measurements, it’s time to match them to the printable ring sizer. This will tell you which size ring will fit perfectly. 

Keep In Mind: 

💡 The ring should have a snug and secure fit around the base of the finger but should be able to move comfortably over the knuckle.

💡 If the knuckle is bigger than the base, we recommend measuring both and choosing a size in-between the two.

Alternative Measuring Methods

Another way to find your measurement is to use order physical ring sizer. To use this option, simply shop around our site and find the ring that you'd like to purchase. For the size selection, just choose "don't know" and we'll ship you a free physical sizer with an easy-to-follow instruction card. 

Once it arrives, place the different sized rings around your finger and see which one fits best. We find that our customers like to wear their size around for a day or so to make sure the fit is 100%. Each size is clearly marked on the ring, so you'll know the size even if it's separated from the rest.


Free ring sizerFree ring sizer 2


Once you've decided on your size, just let us know and we'll ship your requested ring the same business day via (free) FedEx 2 Day. This sizing method is a customer favorite. 


Top Tips For Finding The Right Ring Size  

Top Tips for Finding the Right Ring Size

Finding the perfect ring size is relatively straightforward. To make this experience even easier, here are our top measurement tips to keep in mind.

📏 Verify Your Measurements

Double-check that you are using millimeters to get the most accurate size when you start measuring. Millimeters are the industry standard unit of measurement. 

If your measurements don’t match up to anything on the chart, you’ve likely taken them incorrectly. Also, if the size surprises you, we recommend trying again.

Try to find a ring your partner already has and compare your measurements. If it seems accurate, you are probably on the right track.

Take Note of the Weather and Time of Day

Did you know that the size of our fingers changes during the day? 

Our fingers tend to swell towards the end of the day, meaning that they will be slightly bigger than they were in the morning.

The weather can also cause fluctuations in the size of our fingers. Hot weather makes our fingers expand, while cold weather causes them to contract.

Take the measurements at the end of the day and, ideally, when it’s hot out. 

This will ensure that the ring always fits well and won’t be too tight in the summertime or at the end of the day.

If this isn’t possible, add a half size to your current measurements. 

Measure the Left Hand

Just as the weather and time of day impact finger size, so does our dominant hand. 

The fingers on our dominant hand tend to be slightly thicker than the others since we use them more. 

Ensure that you measure the left ring finger for the most accurate sizing since they’ll be wearing the ring on this finger. 

Use the Average Men's Ring Size

If all else fails, or you feel completely unsure about your measurements, you can always order the average size and hope for the best.

The average men’s ring size among American men is a size 9, which is a good starting point.

It’s also important to check the refund policy of the company you are ordering from.

If you plan on ordering the ring a couple of months in advance, you’ll want to make sure you can exchange it if it doesn’t fit.

Fortunately at Alpine Rings, we offer free exchanges within 90 days of your original purchase or your wedding date. Which ever is most recent. 

How to Get a Ring Size in Secret

How to Size a Ring In Secret

If you don’t want your partner to suspect that you are planning to propose, you won’t be able to ask them if you can measure their hands—that’ll be too suspicious!

There are a few ways to determine their ring size without them suspecting anything.

Ask a Friend or Family Member

Getting friends or family involved in the proposal process can be a big help because they can ask questions without raising suspicion.

Try The Ring On

Friends or family can ask your partner if they could try on one of your partner’s rings.

This could be because they want to buy a ring for themselves and see if the design would suit them.

If your partner’s rings are a good fit, you can measure their finger and find the right size. If not, then you’ll know to size slightly up or down. 

Use an Existing Ring

If your partner already has rings that they like to wear, you can use one of those to get a proper measurement. Just make sure it's close to the same width that they like to wear. The difference of a 6mm wedding band compared to a 8mm width band seems small, but it can have an impact the the final ring size. 

To be discreet, wait until your partner is asleep or out of the house. Then take a piece of jewelry and match it to the size guide.

If you can’t find a match, you can also measure the existing ring's diameter to get a more accurate idea of the size.

The First Step Towards Your Life Together

Here at Alpine Rings, we know that finding the perfect ring is a significant step in starting your journey together.

Of course, the perfect ring has to be the perfect fit. Otherwise, it can be uncomfortable or get lost.

This article outlined everything you need to know about finding the perfect ring size for your partner. Now it’s time for you to start measuring!

Remember, don't get too frustrated with the ring sizing process — even if it seems impossible to snatch that ring from the bedside pedestal to get the size!

Make sure you enjoy this special time in your lives—a ring is important, but your relationship and commitment to one another is what matters most.

Are you confident in your measuring abilities and ready to order that ring? Browse our shop today and pick out the perfect wedding band for yourself or your groom to be. 

If you are looking for design inspiration or proposal ideas, our blog has a number of helpful articles to guide you through the different stages of planning your wedding and beyond.