Antler Wedding Rings

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You want a wedding ring that's unique and unlike any other. You want a ring that says something about who you are as a man, about how special your relationship is. You want to establish your own traditions and make a proud statement with the wedding ring you choose. The rings you're looking for are antler wedding rings.

These masculine rings bring a one-of-a-kind aesthetic to your wedding day and to your married life. Sustainably harvested deer antler rings from the shed antlers of North American deer, they remind you that life is an adventure meant to be lived boldly. Antler rings are ideal for men who thrive in the outdoors and feel truly at home in nature.

Each of our antler rings are made in small batches, and the inlay of every antler ring is visually unique, providing a fascinating texture that you can't find with any other material. When you choose an antler ring, you make a bold statement that shows you won't be satisfied with the ordinary.

Our antler rings blend a contemporary vibe and a modern sense of design with respect for the world of nature. Choose from rings that pair the intriguing texture of real antler material with the smooth masculinity of black tungsten or the sleek power of shining titanium.

Unique designs bring in other handsome natural elements. Exotic hardwood from pear trees is rarely seen in jewelry, and rich chestnut with its deep tones brings a warmth that few wedding rings can boast. Splashes of color from authentic turquoise show your commitment to wisdom, with a history that goes back to the ancient Aztecs, who wore it for protection. And bold koa wood from Hawaii, a symbol of fearlessness and strength, is a powerful choice for men who find themselves drawn by the ocean.

The stunning craftsmanship of our antler rings sets them apart as well. Only the highest quality metals, stones, and woods are chosen for incorporation into our rings, along with carefully selected sections of bone from the shed antlers of bucks coming out of their rutting season. We choose low-maintenance materials that don't require endless care the way silver and gold do, and with our antler rings, you can even go swimming or take a shower with no worry about damaging it.

These are rings you can wear proudly in any setting, whether you're donning formal wear to walk a red carpet or heading into the wilderness for a week of roughing it. Your excellent taste and your sense of adventure shine through to everyone who sees your ring.

With a one-year warranty to reassure you of our rings' quality and our company's commitment to you, you can choose the unique antler ring that speaks to you with confidence. Handcrafted and enduring, our wedding bands will make a proud statement for years to come.